Immediately Get the Black Turtleneck FF on the Magic Arrow Event

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The black turtleneck FF or often referred to as the plain black shirt FF is often used when participating in tournaments. Usually only pro player who can wear the shirt when competing in major tournaments.

For old players, maybe a little disappointed because item long ago came back. But it’s different with new players who long to crave it. In fact, we will really look forward to the presence of this shirt on Magic Arrow event which will come.

When Black Turtleneck Launched?

Immediately Get the Black Turtleneck FF on the Magic Arrow Event

The news circulated that Black Turtleneck will be released on April 23rd tomorrow. And will end on April 30 later. The shirt is present as one item in Magic Arrow event.

In order to obtain gift these shirts have to do spin past. You can also collect points that can be exchanged for other prizes. It can be Black Turtleneck or other gifts.

How to Obtain Black Turtleneck FF

How to get the Black Turtleneck FF is very easy. Just don’t forget the event release date. If the event ends, then gift this t-shirt will also be burnt. Here’s how.

  1. Log into your Garena account Free Fire You.
  2. Play and win as many as possible to earn points.
  3. Do it spin in order to get points.
  4. Collect points earned from playing games as well as doing spin.
  5. Exchange points to get prizes in the form Black Turtleneck.
  6. Every time doing spin, most likely the gift of the t-shirt will be possible.

To do spin, You have to exchange 20 diamond. Medium 80 diamond will be rewarded with 2 times spin. If you get a prize successfully, the prize will be sent to your account immediately Free Fire You.

You can get gift form Turtleneck this black color if the arrow succeeds in hitting the center of the target. Black Turtleneck cannot be found at the shop redeem. Can only be obtained if successful in doing spin.

That is all about the Black Turtleneck FF 2021. Hope this helps you to get every ideal t-shirt player loyal games FF. Good luck.

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