How to Use Shopee’s Golden Ticket 2021: Functions and How to Claim

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Have you ever gotten golden ticket from Shopee? And do you know how to use golden ticket Shopee 2021? Currently, many people don’t know how to use these tickets.

Golden ticket is an offering from Shopee for loyal users of their application. Item this can be used to get gifts from Shopee. For those of you who want to get these prizes, keep on listening to our review this time.

What is that Golden Ticket?

How to Use Shopee's Golden Ticket 2021: Functions and How to Claim

Golden ticket This is a valuable ticket that can be used to participate in various interesting events. The event will give lucky people the opportunity to get special prizes.

In order to get the ticket token, you must follow or play on Shopee Lucky Prize. But you can also get it for free after making a large purchase.

Function Golden Ticket

Just like the name, this ticket serves as a ticket to participate in various prize events. The lucky draw can only be followed by participants who have golden ticket. Current owner golden ticket can participate in the THR Ramadan that is taking place at Shopee.

How to Obtain Golden Ticket Shopee 2021


The easiest way to get this ticket is by playing Shopee Lucky Prize game. The second way to claim tickets is to shop as much as possible on the Shopee application. The more you collect the ticket, the greater the chance to win a variety of special prizes.

At Shopee’s THR Ramadhan Surprise event, many attractive prizes were specially prepared for the winners. The prizes include Toyota Innova, Toyota Avanza, Yamaha Nmax, Yamaha Mio, Tv, Iphone 12, Samsung cellphones, gold, and many more prizes.

How to use Golden Ticket Shopee 2021

Golden ticket this will automatically be used when there is an ongoing event. One of them is the THR Ramadhan event which is being held by Shopee this time.

You don’t need to bother registering to take part in these various events. It remains only to wait for the raffle, which year your name will come out as the winner. To find out the various prize draws, you can check the Ramadan peak promo menu.

That is the explanation of how to use it golden ticket Shopee. We wish you success in getting the ticket, and for winning one of the prizes.

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