How to use an oximeter, measuring oxygen saturation in COVID-19 patients

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The World Health Organization (WHO) urges all people, especially those who are undergoing self-isolation, to have an oximeter. But don’t just buy it before you know how to use the correct oximeter.

Because this is very important for every user, in order to get accurate results. Especially to detect Happy Hypoxia, a condition when oxygen levels in the blood are very low. It has another name as hypoxia which is very fatal for people with COVID-19.

How to use the oximeter

how to use oximeter

According to a trusted health page, a pulse oximeter is a tool that functions to measure the level of oxygen saturation in the blood. As well as being a non-invasive test tool without pain, and shaped like a clip that is attached to the tip of the finger.

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The way it works is by pinching the fingers, then later the sensor attached to this oximeter will evaluate the number of red blood cells that carry oxygen to the heart, arms or legs.

Then how to use it?

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after using the oximeter
  2. Make sure the nails are in a condition that does not use polish, fake nails, clean, and not long
  3. Turn on the machine then insert your finger, be it your middle finger, index finger, or thumb. Then enter the oximeter and wait for it to issue the results of the oxygen saturation measurement on the screen.
  4. After the test is finished, remove the clip
  5. Don’t forget to clean the tool with alcohol to prevent the spread of germs

How to read an oximeter

It’s very easy because on the oximeter screen, two different indicators are listed on the finger pulse oximeter, namely %SpO2 & HR.

The first is %SpO2 which shows oxygen levels in the blood, while HR or heart rate shows the number of pulses or heartbeats.

From the results of these numbers, it can be seen that oxygen saturation is normal when the value is at 95% or more. Meanwhile, oxygen saturation below 92% belongs to the group of oxygen deficiency or hypoxaemia. If the oxygen saturation value drops periodically, seek immediate treatment from the nearest doctor.

The Importance of Oximeter When Self-Isolating

how to use a pulse oximeter for self-isolating patients
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Currently the level of oxygen saturation in the blood can only be seen as good or bad in only two ways. The first is an oximeter, and a blood gas analyzer. Unfortunately, these investigations can only occur in hospitals or laboratories.

It is for this reason that WHO urges COVID-19 patients or people who are undergoing self-isolation to have their own oximeter at home.

This tiny object is very important because some COVID-19 patients may experience happy hypoxia or silent hypoxia, ie decreased oxygen saturation in the blood and there are no accompanying symptoms.

Happy hypoxia itself is very dangerous because if it does not get proper treatment, the condition of decreasing oxygen levels can have fatal consequences such as damage to organs, tissue damage, and even cause fatal complications, such as respiratory failure and sudden death.

So that by routinely checking the oxygen levels in the blood, then you can find out whether the body has received an adequate supply of oxygen. Call your doctor immediately if you experience a drastic drop in oxygen. The sooner treatment is carried out, the lower the risk of dangerous complications or severe COVID-19 symptoms.

From the facts above, it is very clear that the oximeter is a mandatory medical device, especially if you have a family member or are classified as a COVID-19 patient who is undergoing self-isolation at home.

Be sure to always monitor the oxygen level in the blood, because a decrease in oxygen saturation can occur suddenly without any symptoms. In addition, don’t forget to apply health protocols wherever you go.

Considerations for buying a pulse oximeter

Best oximeter recommendation

Currently, there are many different brands of pulse oximeters on the market, so there are many things you need to consider when buying it. Especially since the emergence of a fake viral oximeter video that is troubling the public

  1. If the appliance is going to be used by the whole family, be sure to buy one that fits adult or child fingers.
  2. Make sure the tool has agency certification or has been tested for accuracy.
  3. Choosing the best and most reliable pulse oximeter

If you want to get the best pulse oximeter, trust Sowell, which is one of the best oximeter brands today.

Another advantage of the Sowell Oximeter Fingertip Sdo-720 is that it is complete with SPO2 and a heart rate sensor that can respond in just 3 seconds, and can turn off automatically when it has not been used for 8 seconds.

Having guaranteed quality of goods, the level of accuracy of the information can also be considered higher when compared to other brands that are sold in the market today. This product from Sowell also has a one-year warranty so you don’t have to worry about what happens if a problem occurs.

You can get the best Oximeter recommendations at, which is a shopping platform with a one stop solution concept. We always prioritize safety, comfort, when shopping.

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