How to turn off Adblock on UC Browser? Let’s Check the Information Here!

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One quite effective way to help users block ads is Adblock. This feature will make it easier for users to enjoy content on their favorite sites without having to be bothered with ad content. Then how how to turn off Adblock in UC Browser? Instead of being curious, let’s look at detailed information like the following!

Turn off Adblock in Google Chrome

The first thing you have to do is open the Google Chrome browser on your PC or Laptop. After that, continue by clicking the dot icon in the top right corner and select More tools. On the menu, you can continue by selecting Extensions. Then, you will automatically display the extensions installed on Google Chrome on your laptop or PC.

In this process it is necessary to pay attention to clicking on the Adblock extensions box with the Remove button. Next, a message box will appear in the top right corner of your screen asking to confirm to remove Adblock. If so, you can click the remove button and you will be asked the reason why you want to turn off or uninstall Adblock.

For example, you can select I’m using a different ad blocker, then select the Submit button. This method is actually not much different from how to turn off Adblock on UC Browser. If successful, a notification that AdBlock has been uninstalled will appear. After this notification, you will automatically be successful in uninstalling Adblock.

Tips for Turning Off Adblock on Certain Websites

How to turn off Adblock on certain websites or sites is quite easy, but there are slight differences from web browsers like Chrome and so on. If you use UC Browser on a PC or laptop, then you can visit the website that you want to turn off Adblock on. Or you can also turn off blocks for all sites with the right settings.

To turn off the Adblock feature in this browser, users do not need to install certain applications or software and mess around with their favorite devices. How to turn off Adblock in UC Browser, you only need to turn off the plugin via the menu in the browser. That way you don’t have to bother doing this step.

The first step, you can open the Adblock settings menu in UC Browser. You can do this by tapping the hamburger icon in the top right corner. Then select the settings button and continue with the Ad Block option. In addition, users can access it by typing uc browser: // settings / adblock and pressing the enter key.

After the Adblock menu opens, there are a few steps you can take. One of them is unchecking the Block pop-up window with the Filter page ads menu. However, if you don’t turn it off completely you can leave that preference. Then, enter the URL of the site that you don’t want to block in the URL field on your PC.

How to turn off Adblock in UC Browser is very easy because you only need to type the site URL in the Enter the URL of a New List column. If you want to make a list of additional websites that you want to disable Adblock on, then you can do this step. That way UC Browser will automatically save the settings, but it’s a good idea to restart it first.

Turning off the Adblock feature can make it easier for users to access favorite features without interruption such as the UC browser. For that, there are several things you can do, starting from accessing the Adblock settings menu at the right corner of UC Browser. Then select the Browser option to uncheck Block Pop Up. This setting will automatically turn off Adblock.

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