How to Make Eid Parcel Easily

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The moment before Eid is a good opportunity for you to share warmth with those closest to you with Eid parcels. Well, how to make Eid parcel easily? Come on, read on the article below!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people cannot visit their relatives. This makes parcel delivery an effective way to stay in touch with one another. Then, you can also take advantage of this opportunity to provide a variety of Muslim clothing and worship equipment that your loved ones will wear on Eid al-Fitr.

Then, you can create your favorite parcel. You can also create creations on it. You only need to buy the items you need for your parcel. This will bring the bond of goodwill visits between you and your family, friends, or loved ones even closer.

Not only can you send directly but you can also do it virtually. So they can feel that you really care about them and care about them. Fortunately, the gift is synonymous with food as well as interesting items and will be liked by the recipient.

After that, you can make your parcel the way you want. You can make a parcel using a basket. Apart from that, you can also make it as a flower bouquet. You just have to make it according to your taste.

Basket Parcel

Taj 7040 Parcel Basket – Chocolate

Giving a parcel during Eid to friends or family will leave a deep impression. If you want to make your own parcel, don’t forget the parcel baskets to complement your gifts such as food and dry packages. You can use it to arrange various items such as plates as well as on it to make it look prettier.

Parcel Basket – Chocolate

There is also a parcel basket made of woven rattan, making it stronger and more durable. Equipped with 2 handles that will make it easier for you and the recipient to lift to carry or move. This basket storage container is large enough so that you can put various types of items or food in it.

Parcel Fabric

Noelle Parcel Liner Fabric 100 X 60 Cm

Don’t forget, before you arrange the items or food that you want to give in your Eid parcel, first layer your basket with parcel cloth. Parcel fabric will not only help protect your entire parcel.

However, it will also beautify the presentation of your parcel after it is finished later. You can wrap the fabric or tie it into a ribbon on the parcel to make it look more attractive.

Fabrics made of satin like this one have a smooth surface. And it can serve as a decoration material when you fill parcels with goods or food and drinks.

What’s more, your parcel recipient can reuse this cloth as a mat on their coffee table. Then, you can fill the parcel with your loved one’s favorite food and items.

Well Ruppers, now you know how to make Eid parcels for you to give this Ramadan to those closest to you. You can easily find the recommended products above at

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If you don’t have the time to make it yourself, you can buy various kinds of Eid parcel easily at which always has various attractive offers. Come on, shop now don’t run out!

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