How to Make an Easy Bonsai for Beginners

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Bonsai is an art that turns an ordinary tree into a miniature tree. This art is one of the most beautiful art forms. Creating this tree is a combination of artistic skill, good attention to detail, balance, and patience. Making bonsai cannot be rushed because it requires good planning.

bonsai plant

Bonsai Making Equipment

Before making a bonsai, here are the tools you need

Bonsai plant

Plant bonsai available at most nurseries as well as from online stores. There are various kinds of trees that can be used bonsai and the key is understanding how the tree grows and how to take care of it too.

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plant pot
Flower pot

You need the right type of pot to plant bonsai. Traditional pots can be plain, can be wide with a circular, triangular or rectangular shape. It must have adequate drainage to remove excess water and fertilizer to drain from the roots.


The perfect soil for planting is available from garden and nursery stores both locally and online. Usually, potting soil is soil that has good nutrient properties and water absorption. You need soil that is well aerated and then which can retain water and nutrients and drain off the excess.


You have to improve the drainage and aeration properties of the soil by using aggregate. These are small pieces of rock and material that are placed at the bottom of the pot. This will let excess water run off and will allow oxygen to enter the soil.

You can buy aggregate material from your local garden shop or from a bonsai nursery as well.


You must use clean and safe water on bonsai plants. You can use rainwater or tap water but this should be clean water which will not pose a risk to the bonsai plant. Test the water quality and safety before watering the bonsai if unsure.

Balanced fertilizer

Your bonsai must be given a balanced fertilizer to recover. On the other hand, some trees require a special fertilizer formula. You can buy this type of fertilizer from bonsai nurseries, garden shops, and garden centers.

Garden scissors

prunning shears
Krisbow Branch Scissors 8.3 / 8 Inches

Pruning shears allow you to trim the tree depending on the style you want to achieve. There are many types of pruning shears but always use clean or sterilized scissors to stop the spread of disease or mold from one area of ​​the plant to another.


You need the ideal cable to train your bonsai in the style you want. Cables are available in many variations but only two are commonly used: aluminum and annealed copper. Aluminum wires for bonsai with young branches while strong annealed copper for older, thicker branches and trunks. Available cables in sizes 1 mm to 4 mm.


Tactix Cut Pliers 6.1 / 2 inc

You need good pliers to cut the wire and remove it when training is over. Good pliers also work for pruning tough roots, branches, and trunks, especially on mature trees.

For those of you who are interested in bonsai, let’s see how to make it below

Choose a tree that you want to make a bonsai

Now you can’t just pick a tree and make it a bonsai. You need good skills and a lot of patience to be able to plant and cultivate bonsai trees. And although almost any tree can be a bonsai, you have to choose the right tree that suits your skill level and the environment you are in.

The environment you are in also affects the types of trees you will plant. Consider that some trees will do well in winter environments while some are tropical trees.

There are two ways to get a good specimen to work with:

Collect specimens from nature in your area

Collecting tree specimens from where you are will make planting bonsai easier. This way your tree will have the growth specifications to grow successfully in your climate.

Buy good cuts from local nurseries

This is a good choice, especially for beginning growers. The reason it is the best way to get started with bonsai is the large selection of different specimens in one shop. All you need is to look at it and choose whatever fits the bonsai tree design you want.

Way Lay the Bonsai


The question you have to think about is whether the tree will be inside or outside?

If your plants need lots of sun and warmer temperatures, you may need to bring them indoors in the winter months. You also need to think about where he can be in the house for the most light.

Planting a Bonsai Tree

If you are starting your own bonsai and don’t buy pre-planted ones from a nursery, you need a good pot.

Ideally, the pot should be shallow and small. This ensures the tree roots don’t spread too far. You don’t want the tree to be too big. Clay pots are an excellent choice. You will also need to use a good soil mixture made especially for this tree. Make sure there are at least two drainage holes at the base.

Prune the Root Structure

prune long roots
source: YouTube

The next step is to decide which tree look you want when you grow up. Use a sturdy rope or wire to shape the tree the way you want it. Now, carefully remove the tree from its original pot so that the root structure sticks together. Remove dirt from the roots and trim so that you have long, slender roots that will stick close to the top of the soil.

Fill the pot with a layer of coarse seed and then add a layer of fertile planting medium. Leave a little space at the top so you can cover the roots of the tree. Place the tree in a pot and cover the roots carefully.

Place in ideal conditions


Place the tree in a pot in ideal growing conditions. If you choose to grow it outside, you can move it outside. If you’re going to grow it inside, then position it so that it gets the right amount of light. Remember that the tree will grow towards the light.

Water and prune the tree

water bonsai
source: YouTube

Make sure you water the tree as needed for the type. If the tree has leaves, then prune the tree with cutting scissors. Alternatively, if you have chosen prune the spruce by cutting the unwanted part. Remove vertically growing branches that are too difficult to bend.

Also, remove any branches covering the front of the trunk. Finally, remove branches that are too thick near the top of the tree.

That’s how to make bonsai for you beginners. You can get products to make it easier for you to plant bonsai only at Ruparupa. Come on, buy immediately and don’t miss attractive promos!

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