How to make an aquarium, even beginners can!

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The hobby of raising fish is a great way to spend your free time. Now more and more people have aquariums, how to make them is not too difficult. Not only can it be a great decoration for your home, but it can also prove to be very beneficial to your health.

Aquarium can be a means to relieve stress and anxiety. Installing an aquarium in your home can prove invaluable in helping you feel calm and relaxed.


Before you go out and buy aquarium equipment, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. If you want your tank to be a happy, healthy home for your fish, take the time to do your research and get things right in the preparation stage.

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Knowing the Purpose of Making an Aquarium

When building a fish tank, it is very important to consider the different types from the start. Knowing whether the aquarium is going to be a small freshwater tank or one with a large reef is helpful.

This will allow you to prioritize some ingredients over others as well as to outline the tank prepared in advance. It can also help when decorating and save money on additional parts.

Choosing the Right Glass to Make an Aquarium

Glass is perhaps the most important component of any fish tank. This is why choosing the right one is so important. If you are going to use a simple 20 gallon freshwater tank, you can use glass plexiglass the usual. These are very common and you can buy them at most construction shops. In addition, this material is flexible, strong enough to support an aquarium smaller than 25 gallons.

For larger fish tanks, glass plexiglass is not the best choice and can also tarnish if several chemicals are used. However, glass plexiglass has many variations so it is better to consult a seller and find out if they can incorporate your aquarium.

If you want to make a very large tank, stained glass is the best option. Doesn’t offer as much flexibility as acrylic or plexiglass, but thick enough for even the largest volume. It doesn’t scratch easily, doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and tends to last a long time.

glass to make aquarium
source: YouTube

Often aquarium glass falls into three categories based on its size.

  • 0.2 inches thick, up to 12 inches high
  • 0.4 inch thickness and 12-24 inch tank height
  • 0.8 inches thick and 24-32 inches high

Following this general ratio can help you easily choose the right size glass wall for your aquarium and ensure that it is strong enough to withstand water pressure.

Material For Making Aquarium

Apart from one bottom, one front, one back, and two glass ends, you will need the following items to build your aquarium.

materials for making aquariums
source: YouTube
  • Single-edged razor
  • Acetone
  • Non-toxic 100% silicone sealant
  • Sandpaper or cloth silicone carbide sandpaper

For larger tanks over 30 gallons, it is advisable to install at least one “stand” in the center of the tank. This can be done by cutting the measured six-inch wide glass to fit the “outside” edges of the front and back panels, then fixing it with silicone.

For extra strength you can flatten and glue the two clips using silicone, or especially for a longer tank, attach two separate glass clamps an equal distance from each end of the tank.

Prepare to Make Aquarium

Before starting the aquarium assembly, you must first prepare the items for use and learn about the following important construction points.

Prepare the Cut Glass Panels

glass to make an aquarium
source: YouTube

After you cut the broken glass, using sandpaper or silicon carbide sandpaper, scrub all the rough edges of the glass just enough to remove the sharpness.

Clean all areas where the glass panel joins and the edges are about 1/2 inch inward (whichever place you will dab with silicone) with acetone on paper towels.

Prepare duct tape

Cut 16 strips of duct tape, each about 5 inches long. If during assembly you run out of strips of tape, before installing another panel, cut a few more pieces.

glass to make an aquarium
source: YouTube

Tip: If at any time during construction you have trouble with the tape not sticking to the glass, simply clean the area with acetone on kitchen paper and try again.

Installing the glass panels

Once all of your glass pieces have been cut and ready, place or arrange the pieces so you know which part is going where. After knowing where to place the panels, to help track the direction of each section (which edge or side of the glass panel will go up or down, inside or outside, etc.), mark the panels with a marker.

Take the bottom glass, place it on a flat, smooth surface, then press down firmly and attach eight pieces of duct tape (two pieces on each side) to the glass from the bottom side.

Tip: This is easy to do by lifting the glass from each side just enough to snap the strips of tape in place.

Install the Windshield Panel

glass to make an aquarium
source: YouTube

Start by attaching the windshield panels. This step is much easier for you to do with an assistant to hold the windshield panel upright and keep it in place while completing the installation of the first side piece in the next step.

You will use the same glass mounting technique with each panel:

Apply a thin but sufficient solid silicone to each inner edge of all areas to be joined, then, at a slight angle forward, align and insert the glass piece into the bottom glass panel, and slowly tilt it upward, pressing gently, but firmly into the in silicone, fit firmly into position.

Do not remove any excess silicone that may press against the outer edges of the glass. You can clean it after the silicone is dry. After you have installed the windshield, fold the bottom two duct tape upwards and attach it to the front glass.

Install the Side Glass Panels

glass to make an aquarium
source: YouTube

Install the first side panel. Fold the bottom two duct tape upwards and attach it to the front of the glass, and secure the sides to the front of the glass by wrapping 2 additional strips of tape around the corners from one side to the other.

glass to make an aquarium
source: YouTube

Install the Side and Back Panels Aquarium

aquarium glass
source: YouTube

Attach the other side as well as the back panel. With all the pieces in place and the tank built, insert a thin but sufficient solid silicone into the eight joint areas on the inside of the tank, then run your thumbs over the silicone from one end to the other at each stitch.

Preferably in one continuous motion, to smooth the silicone down and force it into the joint area.

Drying and Finishing the Aquarium

Let the silicone dry for 24 hours. Refill the tank with clean water and let it sit for at least 12 hours, preferably 24 hours. This gives you a good test period, and you will feel a lot more confident when you finally fill up the tank.

Those are the steps to make an aquarium easily. If you have freshwater fish, you need a filtering system. The most common options are a gravel filter or a power filter and you can easily hang them on the back of the tank.

So that the aquarium looks more beautiful, you can make it aquascape. You can fill it with gravel, sand. Most fish will go well with gravel or sand, and any pet store will offer a wide selection when it comes to textures and colors.

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