How to Get Funds Invitation Code 2021 and Share It

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E-wallet or digital wallet is now widely used by the public as a substitute for cash. One of them is Dana, a digital wallet that is also the choice of Android users. The code for the invitation is also always updated, including the 2021 fund invitation code, which you can now get.

Why should I use the 2021 fund invitation code? The answer is simple, namely to get a free balance from Dana. Well, surely you are curious about how to get it? Here is the review for you.

Latest 2021 Fund Invitation Code

Fund Invitation Code 2021

As explained earlier, the fund invitation code is one of the referral codes from Dana that you can use to get a free balance.

The method is quite easy, namely by posting the invitation code on social media. Every friend who registers in Dana, the balance will go directly to your account.

So the more friends who join the Fund using the referral code that you share, the more free balances that enter your account.

How to Get Funds Invitation Code 2021

Then how to get the referral code? Well, of course you are curious about how to get the invitation code? Here’s how to get a referral code that you can share with your friends. Among others are ;

  1. Download and install the Dana digital wallet on the Google Play Store services app.
  2. Once installed, open the application and register yourself immediately. Meet the terms and conditions that apply, so that the account creation process is faster.
  3. If you already have a Dana account, then open the “ME” menu. Then press the invite button.
  4. After clicking the invitation button, your Fund referral code will appear.
  5. The next step is to click the share button to share your invitation code to all the social media accounts you use.

How, isn’t it easy enough to create and share an invitation code for the Dana application? By creating an account in the application, you can not only get a free balance from sharing the 2021 fund invitation code, but other features that also make your various transactions easier. Good luck!

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