How to Check BRI Reference Number Offers Ease of Transactions

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The BRI reference number is a unique number consisting of randomly selected numbers. How to check the BRI reference number as a sign that the transaction you have made has been successful.

You will be asked to enter a reference number when making transfers with BRImo, Internet Banking, and ATMs.

As a customer, you can enter a combination with a phone number, date of marriage, or date of birth. Although there is actually no standard rule for writing it. See how to fill in the reference number below.

  1. Login to
  2. Select the transfer menu, then enter the destination and the amount to be transferred.
  3. Enter the customer reference number.
  4. Enter the pin number.

Function How to Check BRI Reference Number

Function How to Check BRI Reference Number

The function of how to check the BRI reference number as additional protection for the security of transactions carried out. In addition, the reference number serves as the identity of the transaction. Customer reference number is not a risky thing. Bank BRI will not provide a certain format when the customer has to transfer to another bank account.

You don’t have to worry when you lose your transaction receipt, use the method of checking the BRI reference number. Ask the bank based on the reference number you have created. The bank will provide every detail of the transaction information.

How to Check BRI Reference Number After Transaction

If the BRI reference number is entered when making a transaction, we will get the customer reference number after making the transaction. How to check the BRI reference number after the transaction, simply by opening the proof of transfer. Look at the transaction for which you want to check the reference number.

Later there will be information to which account you transfer. See the name of the destination account holder, transfer time, amount and reference number. If you are still having trouble, you can come directly to the bank.

In addition to checking transactions and getting the reference number, through BRIMo you also do a queue list on line SMEs. This is the way that is now being done to take a queue number so you can get a schedule for disbursing government funds or BLT UMKM.

This is an explanation of how to check the BRI reference number. May be useful.

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