How Much Do Angora Cats Cost? Can be Millions of Rupiah!

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Angora cat is one of the cats that people are most interested in. Renowned for their long, silky, ballerina-like bodies and fluffy fur, anggora are considered a treasure trove in their Turkish homeland. No wonder the Angora cat has a price that is not cheap.

A natural breed that originated in Turkey in the early 15th century, many consider Turkish Angora to be just a white cat with blue or green eyes. Over the years, many people refer to long-haired cats as “Angoras”. Today, however, many accept that Turkish Angoras can come in a wide variety of colors and variations, including Himalayan, Calico, Tortoiseshell, and Tabby.

Characteristics of Angora Cats

Many think that the Persian cat and the Angora cat are the same, even though they are 2 different cats. To better identify the species of Angora, here are the characteristics of the physical appearance of the Angora.

Angora cat’s body

Angora cat body

The body of this cat is medium in size, but the male gender is larger than the female. The body is long and slender, the shape tends to be oval. The width of the shoulders is the same as the hips.

Angora cat’s head

head to head

The head is in proportion to body length with a medium nose length and has a slender, graceful and slightly long neck. The chin is firm and round.

Angora Cat Ears

angora paint

Anggora has large ears, wide at the base, pointed and threaded. The position of the ears of the Angora is close together, high above the head, vertical and upright.

Angora cat’s eye

Angora cat's eye

It has large, almond-shaped eyes, slightly sloping upwards. Each eye color can cover many variations in the spectrum.

Turkish Angora eye colors range from blue, sky blue to sapphire; green, gooseberry to emerald; green-gold, golden or yellow eyes with a greenish ring; amber, gold to rich copper but no green ring; odd-eyed, with one blue eye and the other green, green-gold, or yellow.


cat's paw

Angora cats have hind legs that are longer than the front. He also has small, round, and tiny claws.

Angora cat tail

Angora cat tail

Angora has a long and tapering tail from the wide base to the narrow end.

Angora cat fur

Angora cat fur

Angora has varying body hair lengths, but the tail and ruff are usually long, full, finely textured, and have a silky luster.


Angora cat fur

Angora cat colors range from brown, lavender, Himalayan patterns, to this combination with white.

Angora cat prices

Each type of member has a different price. The following is a list of prices for Angora cats:

Cat Breeds Age Price
Persian Angora cat 3 months IDR 600,000 – IDR 700,000
Persian Angora cat (vaccinated) 3 months IDR 900,000 – IDR 1,000,000
Persian Angora cat (vaccinated) 6 months IDR 1,500,000 – IDR 2,500,000
Kampung Angora cat 3 months IDR 200,000 – IDR 400,000
Kampung Angora cat (already vaccinated) 6 months IDR 600,000
Original Angora cat (not vaccinated) 3 months IDR 3,000,000
Original Angora cat (vaccinated) 3 months IDR 7,000,000
Original Angora cat (not vaccinated) 6 months IDR 9,000,000
The original Angora cat (vaccinated) 6 months IDR 12,000,000

That’s the list of prices for Angora cats. Before buying it, you have to prepare various needs for your beloved cat. Here are some product recommendations for the cat.

Cat food

To maintain your cat’s nutritional needs, you need to provide food that is nutritious and easy for cats to digest. This food contains 87% protein so it is good for cat growth.

Cat Shampoo

To take care of your cat’s body and hair, make sure you have shampoo for cats. This shampoo can remove fleas, mites, and ectoparasites in cats so that it can prevent their hair loss and itching.

Those are some recommended products for the comfort of your cat. You can get several other products such as cat cages, food, and cat toys only at Ruparupa. Come on, buy immediately and get a product at an attractive price!

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