Hoax Or Real! Taehyung Playing PUBG

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Not a few are curious and wonder whether top artists play games like ordinary people. Call it the Taehyung BTS artist, a Korean artist who is loved by idol fans. Is Taehyung, a Korean artist playing games, such as the PUBG game, which is one of the most popular games in the world. Does Taehyung play PUBG? Want to know the news is hoax or real! Check out the following news.

Does Taehyung Play PUBG?

Hoax Or Real!  Taehyung Playing PUBG

Taehyung or Kim Taehyung is a member of the boy group BTS. Unexpectedly, Taehyung often played games in his spare time. Moreover, the game that is often played is the PUBG game. It was proven by some fans who were lucky to be with Taehyung. Even more exhilarating, when playing Taehyung activates his microphone to greet fans when playing.

The news about Taehyung playing PUBG is no longer hoax news. The news was confirmed when Taehyung asked for the PUBGM ID number belonging to the 2020 fans. Then Taehyung often played PUBG with fans who were lucky to be chosen by him. Who doesn’t want to be with Taehyung playing PUBG. In fact, some fans started playing PUBG games just for the sake of playing with their idols.

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Not a few fans are finding out about the PUBG ID that Taehyung uses. However, it turned out that the ID was not disseminated. So that fans are a little overwhelmed looking to be able to be with their idols. Investigate why Taehyung’s ID is difficult to find because the BTS member took action first. He asked all fans who have been with him to keep his ID secret. The goal is for Taehyung’s own convenience.

If one day Taehyung’s ID is exposed to the general public, then it is certain that he will be flooded with requests for friendship and friendship from all his fans. As a result, Taehyung will no longer be able to play PUBG using his own account.

It was finally revealed that the news of Taehyung playing PUBG was accurate news and was no longer a hoax. Not all fans are lucky to be able to play PUBG with Taehyung. But at least there is pride for PUBG game lovers, that the game is played by famous BTS idols from South Korea. Who knows, in the future, Taehyung might be able to be with him. However, all can be tried.

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