Here’s how to get the FF 7M redeem code and how to use it

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Redeem Code FF 7M

Flashtik – Currently, the Free Fire Indonesia Instagram account is celebrating its 7 million followers. For that, they distributed the FF 7M redeem code as gratitude for trusting them.

Free Fire social media often share redeem codes to celebrate something. Whether it’s to commemorate certain celebrations and or the increasing number of followers. As is currently being done, namely sharing the FF 7M redeem code

FF 7M Redeem Code To Celebrate 7 Million Followers

Redeem Code FF 7M

As the official Free Fire social media account in Indonesia, @freefirebgid has stated that it will share the redeem code. It’s just that, until now, the code hasn’t been issued yet. For those of you who already know the announcement, please be patient to get it.

There have been many players who have tried to remind the IG admin to share the code immediately. You can read this directly through the @freefirebgid post, where the players shout to each other to ask for a redeem code.

However, if you look deeper into the post, there are some people who have claimed to have gotten the code. There are also some who are not satisfied with the results obtained after exchanging the redeem code.

For those of you who are waiting or haven’t received the FF 7M redeem code, don’t immediately get discouraged. The 6.5 million follower celebration redeem code can still be used. Although it can only be used by those who have never redeemed the code to get a prize. Those of you who have already got it, are forced to bite your fingers first to wait for the 7M.

As for the FF 6.5M redeem code is FF65HAZ2KG3H.

How to Use Redeem Code

Actually, how to use the FF 7M redeem code is not much different from the previous method. Here are the steps you can follow

  1. Enter the site where the redeem code is:
  2. Log in using an account connected to your Free Fire game
  3. Enter the redeem code that you got.
  4. Press the redeem button and wait a while for the system to check whether the code is still working or has expired
  5. If it can still be used, the prizes you get will be saved directly to your Free Fire account

This is an explanation of the FF 7M redeem code and how to use it. For those of you who haven’t gotten this code, good luck soon.

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