Here are the codes to change the badge in Bio Free Fire and 6 ways to use it

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Flashtik – The Free Fire game spoils its connoisseurs from time to time. This time, this game presents an interesting feature, namely badge in the Free Fire bio. This feature allows users to customize the profile to be even cooler.

In terms of giving badge in the Free Fire bio, you need a specific code that you can make yourself. This code allows you to change the text and icon, to the specific color you want. Like changing the badge to gold color, to make it look elegant.

Badge Codes in Bio Free Fire that You Can Use Directly

badge in bio free fire

Code under construction badge for this game profile, it can be done in two ways. First, you can create your own custom code which of course requires certain skills. Second, using a code that has been widely circulated among the public gamers.

Currently, there are two widely spread codes that you can use immediately to change the appearance of your profile.

  • [DAA520] ★ ♫ ✿
  • 999 999 999

Both codes come from the elite pass during season 1,2, and 3

Currently, many gamers have used this code to create badge in their Free Fire bio to make it even more interesting.

If you want to use it, you can, below, will describe how to use it.

How to put badge codes in Bio Free Fire

If you want to change the appearance of your profile to be more premium than usual, use the following steps to install the code.

  • Copy code badge which has been shared above
  • Login to the Free Fire game application
  • Tap your profile in the upper left corner
  • Enter the gallery menu
  • In your profile section, click the edit icon
  • Copy code badge which has been copied earlier to the column signature, then press OK

Stages in changing your profile with badge new, that simple to do. It’s not that hard, is it?

Using the code mentioned above is a quick way to do so badge in the Free Fire bio you become cooler. However, for information only, this code is already viral and many are using it. So, now it is not something exclusive anymore. If you have no problem with this, please try using step above. May be useful.

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