Half Filter TikTok, Here Are 8 Tutorials to Use It

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Half TikTok filters is now viral and is widely used in TikTok videos. Almost all users already know this filter even though they don’t know how to make it. As for half This filter serves to make one side of the face appear more glowing with the other side of the face it looks natural.

Until today, more than 441 thousand users have used the same filter. It’s not wrong if half the filter has become very viral, even the influencer also many who wear. You also want to try it? Listen carefully to the reviews below.

Name Half Filters and Functions

Half Filter TikTok, Here Are 8 Tutorials to Use It

Maybe social media pages like Facebook or Instagram will also find many TikTok videos that use half filter. Naturally, because now the filter from TikTok is indeed viral. All content that uses these filters is likely to become trending immediately.

This filter is native to the TikTok application. Its real name is half screen filter. Just added as the newest feature of TikTok and is becoming popular immediately. Because in the uploaded content, a face will be displayed with an additional filter so that it looks bright and radiant. But on the other hand, what can be seen is the real face without any additional effects.

How to use Half TikTok filters

Viral Half Filter on TikTok, Here's How To Make It!  |  urbanasia.com

You want to try using a feature half TikTok filters this too? But still confused because they don’t know how. Here’s a way that you can practice right away. Don’t forget to first install the TikTok application on your Android.

  1. Tap the + button on the TikTok account homepage.
  2. Click effects to find out what filter features are available in the application.
  3. Click trending to use trending filters.
  4. Tap half screen a filter marked with a half face image.
  5. Click capture to start shooting videos with that viral feature.
  6. Press the check button when finished recording the video.
  7. Add music and caption appropriate.
  8. Upload your video.

Apart from using features half filter TikTok, You can also wear it on Instagram. But before that, you have to follow the @sumpitsipit account first, then just follow the steps given in that account.

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