Ghosting Victim Twibbon, Wear and Express Yourself

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As the times progressed, the twibbon trend became more diverse. Twibbon ghosting victims become one of the diversity of the rise of twibbon on social media.

Not just aesthetics, this twibbon is also suitable for expressing the heart. For those of you who are being ghosted, for example. This Twibbon is perfect for expressing yourself.

How the hell, the viral twibbon form that is suitable for the ghosting victim? Come on, check the following description so that you are more enlightened about twibbon ghosting.

Twibbon Ghosting Victim, Do You Know What It Means Yet?

Twibbon Ghosting Victim, Do You Know What It Means Yet?

Just because it went viral, did you use it right away? Don’t, yes. First, make sure your situation matches the twibbon. Or match the frame to what you want to express.

This Twibbon is used by people who are being ghosted. Then, what is ghosting?

Ghosting is a condition when someone who used to be loyal to you suddenly disappears. Appearance and appearance. Just disappeared without certainty. Either break up, LDR, or break. No clarity.

So sad, right?

That’s why ghosting victim twibbon this is viral. Come on, just use it if the conditions are right for you. Who knows there is someone who is paying attention to your status right now. Right, you can get a new doi bonus.

What is Ghosting Victim Twibbon?

Are you in good shape with this twibbon? Let’s take a peek at the collection at There you can get the twibbon link.

In, you can also directly apply the frame to your photo. Very practical. You don’t need to download an app to edit photos.

Kinds of Twibbon Ghosting

At, you will find various ghosting frames. Visit the site and upload your photo there. Choose the most suitable to express yourself.

Here are some ghosting victim frames that you can choose from:

For more choices, don’t hesitate to visit, OK? Directly click the link of the frame you want. After that, click select photo and upload your photo.

Your photo will appear there and you can directly download the twibbon. So easy. Use ghosting victim twibbon on your social media so that fellow ghosting victims can work together.

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