Freetts Voice Names Whatsapp, 5 Ways to Send Voice Messages

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Flashtik – Various applications are now available as applications that can change sounds as messages. Freetts Voice Names Whatsapp also offers a similar feature. Even now it is one of the services voice to text the best among the many competitors.

Freetts make it easy for a text to become a voice message. Or turn voice into text message. When you save a whatsapp message to Freetts, it will be processed into sound. Then stored in mp3 form.

Once stored in the form of sound or mp3, it can be played using a laptop and computer. Uniquely, voice messages from WhatsApp can also be converted into text messages. However, an internet network is required when using this application.

How to Use Whatsapp Voice Names Freetts

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There is no need to hesitate in using it sound of text from freetts. Freetts voice names Whatsapp is the best voiceover application in Indonesia. There are many language options, so you can save messages in multiple languages. Here’s how to use it

  1. Entered into with the help of a browser. The next step is click Start Text To Speech Free. This button appears on the main page of the Freetts application.
  2. On choose language You can choose the language you want to use. There are Indonesian, Mandarin, English, Japanese as well as many other language choices.
  3. Click again voice Style. This is used to determine the type and style of sound you want to use. Can use female or male voices. This voice will read out the voice message.
  4. Copy the text or message note that you want to convert into sound. Put it in the available column. Then click convert to convert text to mp3.
  5. Wait a few moments for it to run perfectly. Next play the voicemail to see if you like it. If you really like it, just click the option to download.

Here’s how to use Freetts voice names Whatsapp, the best application in Indonesia. Sounds that have been downloaded can be listened to repeatedly without any risk of losing data. Are you interested in trying it? Or have you tried? Share here yes.

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