Follow the Correct Ways to Overcome Aw Snap on Google Chrome Here

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Google Chrome is one of the browsers that is currently popular in most people. How not, this browser has helped many people who want to surf in cyberspace comfortably. But sometimes, browsing or streaming activities are hampered. So how do you deal with Aw Snap on Chrome? Here’s the review.

Added –no-sandbox

The first step you can use when Chrome is stuck is to add a –no-sandbox. Usually adding this one command at the end of the target location in Chrome’s settings. First of all, make sure that the Chrome browser is closed. Then go to the desktop and right-click on the Chrome shortcut.

If you can’t find it, try searching in C: Program Files (x86) GoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe. After that, right-click chrome.exe and select Properties then enter the shortcut menu. Here, you can see Target in the menu and add (space) –no-sandbox at the end. Once added, click Apply then tap OK.

Disabling Unused Services

Maybe you don’t know, if in fact one of the factors is the delay or obstruction of a server because of the many open services. Which one of these services allows preventing Chrome from working. For that, you have to apply the Aw Snap fix on Chrome. First, press the Windows key + R.

Or by typing in the Run search menu. After that, in the Run column you can type msconfig. Select the Service tab or menu, then check the Hide all Microsoft services section, and select Disable all. Then enter the Startup menu which is next to the Service menu. Next select Open Task Manager, click Disable on all Startups.

After that, close the dialog box and click OK. When all these steps have been done, restart your PC or laptop. Wait until the restart process is complete. Only then re-open Google Chrome, and if there are no more errors you can reactivate or enable all applications that were at startup earlier.

Clear Cache

In addition to implementing several ways to deal with Aw Snap above, clearing the cache can also help you. But, keep in mind, that this method will remove all applications that require a password or email. So you have to remember or write it down first. The method that must be done can be said to be very simple and easy.

The first is to click on the dot three or line three which is usually in the top right corner of Google Chrome. When you enter the menu, select More features and click Clear browsing data. Then tap Time Range select All, and select Clear Data. Wait until the deletion process is successful, then you can restart the Chrome browser.

Update Google Chrome

If some of the methods mentioned above don’t cause any signs of success, then the only way is by updating Google Chrome. To get the latest version, you can download it directly in the browser. Many think that by doing this update, the problem of errors and bugs that attack will be resolved easily.

If the method of overcoming Aw Snap still doesn’t work, you don’t need to worry. The reason is, you can still check whether there are other browser applications that have access to Chrome. If there is, delete Chrome first then use another browser such as Safari, Tor, Mozilla Firefox, and many others.

It is undeniable that now human life cannot be separated from surfing through cyberspace. Whether it’s for browsing certain information, streaming shows, status updates on social media, gaming, or others. But if these activities are hampered, try to apply some of the powerful methods above.

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