Find out the history of the tug-of-war competition. Come on!

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Actually, we cannot determine the origin of tug of war from when and where it came from for the first time. The tug of war competition originated from ancient ceremonies and worship that are widely used throughout the world, such as in Egypt, Burma, India, Borneo, Japan, Korea, Hawaii, and South America. Come on, find out the history of tug of war!


Versions of Tug of War from Different Countries

Tug of war ancient version of people used to do in many different styles. In Afghanistan, they use wooden sticks instead of ropes for pulling. In Korea, children wrap their arms around each other’s waist to form a tug of war chain themselves. Tug of war is not just a group sport. In some other countries, there is also a tug-of-war version man to man. The Eskimos in Canada also still have a tug-of-war competition known as the ‘arsaaraq‘. This is a tug-of-war competition with the towing person sitting on the ground holding a short rope. The opponent who will pull the rope from the sitting position will be the winner.

Tug of War Sports Competition

Not long after, the sport of tug of war people made a competition to test physical strength. In Greece, the origin of the birthplace of the ancient version of the Olympics, tug of war around 500 BC athletes practiced as a competitive sport. They also sometimes do tug of war to exercise their physical body before other sports. Tug of war is also a popular traditional game for people to play during Indonesia’s Independence Day celebrations. These games are not only played by adults, but also often by children. This game involves two groups competing for strength to pull the rope. The winner is the group that manages to pull the opponent across the halfway line. The game is quite popular all over the world and even became a competitive sport during the 1900 Olympics to the 1920 Olympics. The popularity of this game seems to be inseparable from the fact that several versions have appeared throughout history. The Tang Dynasty book, The Notes of Feng, states that tug of war or “hooks” was used by military commanders of the State of Chu to train soldiers during the 8 – 5 centuries BC before they turned it into a game under Emperor Xuanzong. Another version that comes from archaeological evidence from India, shows that tug of war was known to the Indian community in the 12th century. Meanwhile, the story in Indonesia begins when Indonesian workers during the Dutch colonial period had no entertainment, so they created a game with ropes known as tug of war. This traditional Independence Day game reminds us of the dark memories of colonialism. This is not just a game, but also a reflection of Indonesian values ​​that always try to preserve, such as togetherness, struggle, cooperation. And also as a symbol to commemorate Indonesian heroes in fighting for the independence of our beloved country.

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