Ffesportssqa FF Redeem Code with Avatars Prize. Here Are 5 Ways To Exchange It

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At the beginning of this May, there is good news for the people survivor of Free Fire. With using thus the FF redeem code ffesportssqa, You can get free gifts from Garena. The only way is to make a claim on the special Free Fire reward site.

Free Fire is battle game popular in Indonesia and around the world. Besides enjoying the thrill of war in order to achieve booyah, players can also make the character’s appearance cooler. Not only characters, weapons can also be made to look different from the others.

For that, the players had to do it beforehand top up diamond in a certain amount first. The price of this diamond varies according to the quantity offered. But if you have trouble buying diamond, can also complete the mission in order to obtain Skin. There are times when Garena also distributes free gifts at certain times.

Ffesportssqa Latest FF Redeem Code and Prizes

Ffesportssqa FF Redeem Code with Avatars Prize.  Here Are 5 Ways To Exchange It

In May, Garena again shared the latest FF redeem code. Exchange ffesportssqa, ​​FF redeem code this can be done since the beginning of the month. We recommend that you redeem it immediately because there is a time limit for each code. If it’s too late, the code will be forfeited.

The prize for this redeem code is 1x A124 Bobblehead and 1x Unleash Inhibition Backpack. Backpack and this avatar can be obtained for free just by exchanging the redeem code. So there’s no need to do anymore top up diamond.

How to Redeem FF Redeem Code

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While not many people know this redeem code, exchange it immediately to update your character’s appearance. If many people have used it, you may not get it anymore. Here’s How to Redeem the FF redeem code for ffesportssqa.

  1. Log into a browser and go to reward.ff.garena.com.
  2. Login by using Facebook or other social media.
  3. After successfully logging in, immediately write down the redeem code in the column provided.
  4. A pop will appear up notification if code exchange is successful.
  5. Prizes can be claimed immediately.

The 5 ways above are not only for the FF redeem code ffesportssqa but also applies for another redeem code. However, if the exchange fails, it means that the validity period has expired and cannot be claimed again.

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