Easy Ways to Overcome Low Blood Pressure

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Low blood pressure, also commonly known as hypotension, can mean different things to different people. Normal blood pressure is usually between 90/60 and 120/80 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). However, sometimes numbers that are still past or slightly less than this limit are still considered normal and acceptable. Come on, read on this article to find out easy ways to deal with low blood pressure!

easy way to deal with low blood pressure
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Do You Have Low Blood Pressure?

You can read your body’s blood pressure based on or through your age, your body’s health condition and whether there is any abnormal medical history. Your body’s blood pressure can be considered low if it is less than the limit of 90/60 mm Hg. And also if you have symptoms such as blurry vision, easily confused and difficult to concentrate, weakness and dizziness or headaches that make it easy to faint, symptoms of nausea or vomiting.

You should go to the doctor immediately for medical treatment if you have a fast heart rate, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, dry skin that feels cold and wet. Because, these symptoms can indicate that you are experiencing shock and can become a dangerous emergency if you don’t get medical attention quickly.

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What the hell The cause?

There are many reasons why you have low blood pressure. Some of the causes are:

  • You move or change position suddenly too quickly
  • Having anemia media
  • Have an autonomic nervous system disorder
  • Conditions of dehydration
  • On a diet eating
  • Overeating
  • Have an endocrine disorder
  • Have an extreme allergic reaction (anaphylactic medical condition)
  • Excessive blood loss
  • Having a heart attack or having heart disease
  • Have low blood sugar
  • Taking special drugs that have side effects
  • Is pregnant
  • Having a severe infection
  • Have a thyroid disease condition
  • Exercising too hard
  • Have a neurological disease such as Parkinson’s

Easy Ways to Overcome Low Blood Pressure

You can increase your blood pressure by changing your pattern and lifestyle to a healthier one. Examples with:

If you are exercising in an open space like outdoor, do not be exposed to the hot sun for too long. Don’t forget to take breaks while exercising. And also drink plenty of water so you don’t get dehydrated.

Avoid being in the sauna room or soaking in a hot tub for too long because it can lead to dehydration of your body. And if you want to move or change your body position, don’t be too hasty. Stand up or get out of bed slowly.

Or you can also buy and use compression stockings. This will help your blood to flow back up from your feet.

There are many factors and medical conditions, age, as well as medications that can affect your blood pressure. You should make sure to have regular check-ups with your doctor or health care provider to ensure that your blood pressure level is healthy.

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