Easy Ways to Care for Angora Cats, the More Charming

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Take care of Angora cats – this one cat is famous for its dense fur and adorable face. To care for your anabol to make it more charming, of course it needs special care. Don’t worry Ruppers, caring for this Angora cat is easy and of course you can do it yourself you know.

Let’s see, how to easily care for Angora cats, it’s even more charming.

Caring for Angora Cats With Choosing the Right Enclosure


Your anabol’s daily life is certainly not in the cage, but occasionally if you travel, it is not uncommon for anabol to be in the cage. For that, choose a spacious cage so that the baby is not stressed or able to play and don’t forget to place a zeloid sand place for anabol to throw dirt. yeah Ruppers.

Caring for Angora Cats With Food Selection


Selection of inappropriate food makes your child a potential obesity, diabetes or other diseases. Provide a high protein diet with 2 meals a day and place it in the tray because Angora really likes it. Usually, male Angora have a body weight of about 5.5 kg, while the female is about 3-5 kg.

Caring for Angora Cats With Fur Care


Furthermore, the specialty of the Angora cat lies in its fur. Maintenance is not difficult, comb Angora’s hair at least 2 times a day. If there are dreadlocks, it is better to trim them. You can add fish oil to make your cat’s coat shinier.

Caring for Angora Cats With Bath


Usually, a bath can be done once every 7 weeks for white angora, and other angora can be more than that. Long yeah Ruppers? In fact, cats have a self-cleaning system by licking their bodies. For the bath you can use shampoo and conditioner and dry it so that the skin does not get moldy.

Caring for Angora Cats With Clean Ears & Cut Nails


Clean your anabul’s ears with cotton ball and clip your anabul’s nails with special scissors for 2 times a week. For nails, just cut out the whites. for clean ears it is pink, if not pink then you are not completely clean in cleaning the ears.

Lifestyle fit


Angora is an active type and thirsts for the affection of its owner. If left lonely for a long time, it can turn out to be unpleasant. So, if you spend a lot of time at home or your house has many residents, then this cat is perfect.

Take him to the doctor regularly


Even if the baby is not sick, you have to give the vaccine or just monitor its condition routinely to the vet. Usually, this anabol can live around 10 – 18 years. However, you must take care of your health and give him the rabies vaccines, FPV, FIV, FIP, Bordeteila, FeLV, and Chlamydophila felis to prolong the life of the anabol.

In addition to how to care for it, see let’s go the following equipment for your anabul.

Dirt Shovel

Cat Toilet

Cat food


Cat Toys

Hair Cleaner

Ear Cleaner


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