Easy and Practical, Here’s How to Send Long Videos via WhatsApp

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Recently, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular chat applications that most people use on a daily basis. Not only used for chatting, this one application can also be used to send various photos, videos, or certain documents. But how do you send long videos via WhatsApp? Here’s the explanation.

Using Google Drive

To be able to send long videos through this famous chat application, you can take advantage of services from Google, namely Google Drive. But before sending it, it would be nice if you uploaded the related files first to your Google Drive account with a few easy steps to do.

If you don’t have the Google Drive application, then download it first on the PlayStore or AppStore. Then open Google Drive and click the plus “+” icon on the home screen. After clicking on it, the “Upload” option will appear and click again. Only then select which large video to send.

Wait for the upload process to complete. After successfully uploading, open the video and tap the menu button which is a dot. Then select “Copy Link” or “Copy Link”. The next way to send long videos via WhatsApp is to open the chat application and select the desired contact or group. Paste the link then click send.

Using Video Compressor

Not only using Google Drive, but even sending videos with a long duration can be compressed first. One application that can be used in this way is Video Compressor. For that, it’s a good idea if you download it on the PlayStore or AppStore. When the download process is successful, open the application and select “Select Video”.

Decide which video to compress. After selecting, click “Compress Video”. When tapping it, you will be presented with a choice of “High Quality”, “Low Quality”, or “Custom”. You can choose as you wish. The next way to send long videos via WhatsApp is to wait until the process is complete, then “Share” to the intended contact.

Share Videos from Youtube

Actually, this third method is not much different from using Google Drive. It’s just that here you use a media application called Youtube, which in fact is more widely used to upload videos. For that, you have to do some easy steps. First of all, please look for the video to be sent first on the Youtube application.

Or if the video doesn’t exist, you can upload it yourself. Wait for the upload process to complete. After that, tap the “Share” or “Share” button. Then a link will appear which you want to share, choose WhatsApp. Select the contact or group to send the video link to. Just copy the link, then click the green send button.

Split Video Into Two or More

If you don’t want to upload videos like the Youtube and Google Drive methods or don’t want to edit them first, then the only way is to divide the video into two or more. The way to send long videos via WhatsApp is to install an application called SplitVideo then share the video according to the required duration.

Who doesn’t know the famous chat application called WhatsApp? Thanks to this one application, most people can carry out their routines, especially communicating very smoothly. The steps for sending long videos discussed above can also be used as an alternative for sharing important information through this chat application.

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