Do not panic! Here’s How to Overcome the Correct IDM Fake Serial Number

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For those of you layman, IDM or Internet Download Manager is software for downloading data on the internet. Because this software is licensed, so you are only given a 30 day trial and the rest must buy. Usually, people who use a fake number will be warned by IDM. For that, here’s how to deal with the correct fake IDM serial number.

Purchase a License Officially

You need to know, one of the reasons for the emergence of fake numbers is the automatic update on IDM. So, it’s better if you disable it. But if this has happened, then the first thing to do is to buy an official license. There are several license prices offered by the developer for its users.

Of course, some of the price offers can be said to be very worth it, if you run a business that has something to do with downloading or downloading. For example, the Mobile flash service, which requires IDM to speed up downloading the required firmware. Without IDM, the download process might be slow.

The most effective way to deal with a fake IDM serial number is to buy an official license. If you do this, you will automatically not get a fake serial number warning again. Not only that, business activities or downloading on a laptop can run smoothly without any obstacles.

Change File Name

Rename files or renaming documents are also the most appropriate way to remove fake number warnings in this download software. The steps that must be taken are quite simple. Namely, first close IDM first, also close the one in the system tray in the lower right corner. Then open the installation folder of this software.

Usually, this device is located in the “C:> Program Files> Internet Download Manager” folder. On this page, look for a file or document called “IDMGrHlp.exe”. Change the file name to “idmhelp-old.exe”. After changing, close all open devices then restart your laptop or computer. The next way to overcome fake IDM serial numbers is to wait until the restart is complete.

When the process is complete, re-open the installation folder of this downloading software. Please tap the file “idmBroker.exe” then rename it to “IDMGrHlp.exe”. Restart your laptop or computer again, and wait for the process to finish. Finally, Internet Download Manager has been successfully converted to Full Version and can be used properly.

Reset Trial

To overcome fake numbers in this one software can be done with the help of software. But before that, you have to turn off the antivirus that is on your laptop or computer first. Actually, this one step is not deleting the fake serial number. But to be more precise, to reset the IDM trial to 30 days.

First of all, please use this download software in its latest version. Then download “IDM Fake Serial Remover”. After that, extract the file and open it when the process is complete. Move some of the files contained in it to the tab “Trial reset” then click “Reset the IDM trial now”. The way to deal with the last fake IDM serial number is to wait until the reset process is successful.

Downloading various files on the internet has become a necessity that cannot be abandoned. Why is that? The reason is, everyone certainly has certain needs regarding various files that are widespread in cyberspace. For that, you need a device called Internet Download Manager. So that it can be used freely, apply the method above.

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