Cultivating Goldfish For Beginners, Big Profits!

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Cultivating goldfish – For beginners, goldfish farming is very suitable to be used as a business and can make big profits you know! This is because goldfish will always sell well in the market. For beginners, take a look let’s go goldfish cultivation for beginners, big profit!

Prepare the Pool

Pond size for carp on tarpaulin is generally 7 × 10 meters with a depth of 120 centimeters. Make sure the pond is clean from nest of diseases and parasites. The way to ensure this is to dry it for 5-7 days for the soil pool and 1 day for the cement pool.

You can add the plankton in the pond for fish food at a required dose of about 1-2 tonnes per hectare. After that, fill the pond with water until it reaches 15 cm and if the water turns green, algae and plankton have grown.

Spread the Seeds

In spreading seeds, of course, superior seeds are needed so that the risk of failure is minimal. To identify superior seeds, the characteristics are having agile movement, smooth skin without injury, certified broodstock and a good appetite.

The size of goldfish seeds is usually about 5 to 10 centimeters with a stocking of about 20 fish per square meter of pond. Of course, transferring seeds to the pond must use a container, if the transfer is done directly, it will stress the goldfish and die.


After the fish seeds are scattered, the fish maintenance process must be carried out. You can provide feed mixed with prebiotics or fishery EM-4 and fish vitamins for 2x in the morning and evening. This feeding must also be adjusted to the size of the fish, which is about 3-5 percent of the carp weight.

Apart from feed, pond water quality must also be considered. Maintain the quality of the water so that it is not dirty so that it does not make the goldfish get sick and lead to losses in your farming business. Oxygen supply and water flow in the pond must also be maintained and consistent during the cultivation process.


Cultivation of goldfish is usually carried out for 6 to 8 months from the time the seeds are spread. Harvestable goldfish are 300 to 400 grams per fish, and are sorted by size. The harvest stage consists of draining the pond water through a pipe, then the fish is netted and transferred to a reservoir.

The selling price of goldfish per kilogram from direct breeders of course varies from region to region, usually starting from IDR 23 thousand to IDR 40 thousand. Especially for ornamental goldfish, the selling price is set per fish with varying prices, but the price can be set up to millions of rupiah per fish.

You can cultivate several types of goldfish, namely,

  • Punten goldfish
  • Taiwan goldfish
  • Red goldfish
  • Sinyonya goldfish
  • Local goldfish
  • Yamato goldfish

In addition to how to cultivate goldfish and goldfish that you can cultivate, see let’s go 2 items to support your goldfish farming.

Pool Pump

Pool Water Vacuum

Above are some of the goldfish cultivation methods that are easy for beginners to apply, and of course make a big profit. In addition, you can also find out what goldfish can be cultivated along with pond equipment. Complete other fish farming needs only in Ruparupa.

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