Correct Sitting Position To Avoid Back Pain

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It is very important for everyone to know the correct sitting position, especially for Ruppers who works behind the desk. Not only because it can affect posture, spine but also overall physical health.

In this brief discussion, we will help provide simple guidelines that can be applied easily, and are able to change body posture if done regularly.

What good posture looks like & way solve it?

It is important to know if this applies when sitting or standing, where the back is parallel and supported by the proper muscle tension. To achieve this, Ruppers itself can do various ways such as

  1. Doing sports that can reduce body tension
  2. Pay attention to and improve spinal health
  3. Maintain balance when moving and doing sports
  4. Reduces the risk of muscle tension

Even though it looks simple the steps above are very important because nowadays many Ruppers spend more time sitting. Whether it’s working, studying, traveling or while relaxing at home. Try to move more and definitely pay attention to the correct sitting position.

General Correct Sitting Position

Talking further, of course, the correct position also really depends on the height, the type of chair and what activities do you take to sit down. For example, an employee who sits for almost 8 hours, and generally rarely moves in his daily life, of course, must maintain proper sitting and body support.

Not to mention the position of the neck which usually tends to bend when looking at a computer screen, it can also interfere with the back posture. So that to fix it you can do the things below

  • Try not to cross your legs, knees or ankles
  • Keep the distance between the Office Chair and the back knee
  • Place your feet and ankles on the floor flat and in front of your knees.
  • Ensure that your knees are at or slightly lower than your hips
  • Bend your elbows in an L shape and keep your shoulders relaxed
  • Maintain body posture parallel, upright and do not bend the neck for too long
  • Rest your back on a chair, pillow or support made specifically for the back.
  • Avoid sitting for too long, and try to stand or stretch after 1 hour.

Tips for Sitting at the Computer

Sitting position at the computer
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As mentioned earlier, if Ruppers works behind a desk for a long time, extra protection is needed to ensure the health of the back. You can take precautions or fix them by:

  • When working, make sure to place the computer at the same table height or eye level
  • Keep the monitor’s field of view no more than two inches from the eye
  • Using a seat that can support the back of the body like an ergonomic chair
  • Know what you need, for example a back pillow, footrest, or wrist support.
  • Avoid sitting for too long, if necessary work standing up for a few minutes
  • Reduce neck tension by using a special pillow
  • Position the keyboard and mouse close together to avoid muscle or joint pain

After doing the tips above, try to do regular checks to find out if your posture has changed. Don’t give up if no progress has occurred as this is a process that takes time.

Apart from time, it also takes a strong commitment and awareness. Keep in mind is that everyone has a different process and time, so don’t compare yourself with other people.

Later when you get the desired result, make sure to maintain it, by reminding yourself when you are in the wrong sitting position and avoid back pain.

Not only the factors above that will help the process of repair and prevention, because you also have to be able to choose the right furniture such as ergohuman chairs. Seats that have complete features to support the body and provide comfort even if used for a long time.

Comfortable Chair Recommendations

In order to sit for a long time and not cause back pain, try to choose the following types of chairs

Ergohuman chair

Has a comfortable backrest that is able to provide maximum support for the body. Made of aluminum material, and equipped with a lever to adjust the seat, as well as a feature to rotate.

Omar Office Chair

An office chair designed to provide extra comfort, for Ruppers who spends a third of the day working behind a desk.

Has a feature to adjust the chair height, arm support to the back of the chair that supports the rear body well. Besides that, it is made of quality materials, so it can be used for a long time.

Gaming Chair

Made of quality materials, and has a design that is comfortable to use for a long time. Suitable for Ruppers who like to play games and sit for long periods of time. Another plus is the presence of a head support and high backrest, as well as small wheels that make the chair easy to move.

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