Characteristics of Bamboo that You Must Know

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The common name bamboo is applied to more than a thousand plant species. In the wild, some of these species can grow to heights of 50 feet or more. However, certain types of bamboo can be planted in pots, even indoors. Come on, learn the characteristics of bamboo that you must know!

bamboo characteristics

Plants grow quickly and can easily spread throughout the garden if you let them. So growing it in a pot is ideal to keep it under control. It won’t grow that big, but it will mean that it will be a lot easier to manage.

Bamboo is best planted in spring or early fall, although you can usually plant it indoors any time of the year. Come on, read about the characteristics of bamboo for more!

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Bamboo Care

Bamboo is usually a long-lasting plant and rarely has problems with pests. Then, usually no pruning is required. You can remove the old cane at the base if it starts to look unsightly. And you can also remove new shoots emerging from the ground if you want to limit the growth of your bamboo.

Regular watering and feeding will be the most important part of maintaining your plants. To keep soil moist like bamboo, you may need to water the plant more than once a week. But especially for indoor plants where the climate doesn’t change drastically, you should be able to create predictable grooming routines fairly easily.


Bamboo prefers a place that gets full sun to partial shade. Too much shade can result in weak plants that don’t grow to their full potential or develop brilliant colors. Indoors, keep the bamboo near the brightest window, and rotate the pot every week or so to make sure all sides of the plant get light.


This plant can tolerate a wide variety of soil types, but prefers rich, organic soil with good drainage.


Bamboo has drought tolerance once planted, and can handle soggy soil for a short time. However, sitting in stagnant water can eventually rot the roots and kill the plant.

The plant should ideally have evenly moist soil. Test the soil by sticking your finger an inch or two in it and watering it whenever it feels dry. Don’t let the soil dry out completely. But during the winter months, reduce watering a little.

Temperature and Humidity

This type of bamboo is known for its cold tolerance. It can withstand temperatures even around -15 degrees Celsius for a short time. However, cold weather can cause the plant to shed its foliage and can eventually kill it.

Plants will thrive in room temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. Keep away from cold drafts, such as those from air conditioners, as well as from dry hot vents. This plant prefers moderately humid air but can tolerate indoor dryness as long as you keep it watered well.


To maintain optimal nutrient amounts for your plant soil, feed your bamboo with a liquid fertilizer once a month, following label directions. It can also help to mix some organic compost into the soil, especially in spring, to promote healthy plant growth.

Bamboo Pot and Repotting

When starting with a small nursery of bamboo plants, choose a container that is at least 12 inches wide and deep. Choose a pot made of heavy material to support the weight of a bamboo stick. You can even add a few rocks or pebbles to the base if you feel the container is not sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the plant. Also, make sure the container has sufficient drainage holes.

Place the root ball in the pot, and fill around it with nutrient-rich potting mix. If you want, mix in some compost to encourage growth. Then, water the bamboo well.

You may have to transplant the bamboo to a larger pot every one or two years after the roots have spread all over the pot and you see it popping out of a hole in the bottom or sticking out of the soil above it. Don’t leave your plant in a pot that is too small for a long time.

Because, plants will not get enough nutrients to stay healthy. Indoor plants will usually do fine if moved at any time of the year, but early in the growing season in the spring when the plants are growing is generally the best time to transplant.

So, now you know what are the characteristics of bamboo that you should know before buying and planting it. Are you interested in growing bamboo? If interested, here are recommended pots for your bamboo plants:

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