Bluetooth turns on by itself on Vivo and other cellphones, how to solve it?

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Bluetooth is an old mobile device that is still used today. This special device for data transfer does not require an internet connection and cable, so it has become the choice of many users. Unfortunately, Bluetooth turns on by itself on Vivo and other cellphones, so it quickly drains battery power.

Even if it is turned off, Bluetooth will turn on again and again. Here are some of the reasons why.

Reasons for Bluetooth Turning On On Vivo and Other Cellphones

Reasons for Bluetooth Turning On On Vivo and Other Cellphones

The reasons that cause bluetooth to turn on are:

  • The data on the android application is full and needs to be cleaned.
  • Bluetooth must be on for GPS settings
  • Multifunctional android system
  • There is a command to turn on bluetooth automatically for the benefit of certain applications.
  • The Android system has not been updated, including the Bluetooth device, which is still using the old version.

That’s the cause of bluetooth that stays on even though it’s been turned off manually. How to fix it? Here are some things that can be done.

How to Fix Bluetooth Turns On On Vivo and Other Phones

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The owner of the automatic cellphone will immediately turn it off manually. But if it doesn’t work you can do the following.

Initially turn off the Vivo cellphone or another and turn it back on. If bluetooth is still on then do the following steps.

  1. See the Settings menu.
  2. Type keywords -> Reset -> in the search with a magnifying glass.
  3. Click the option ‘Reset network settings(System Management. Backup and…)’
  4. Next select ‘Reset network’.
  5. Then a notification page will open that says ‘the phone will reset WiFi, cellular data network and Bluetooth’.
  6. Then click the ‘Reset Network’ button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Then open the screen with the respective password pattern.
  8. The reset was successful.

It’s not difficult not to disable bluetooth that turns on itself. In addition to how to disable, you should also know the application that causes bluetooth to reactivate.

Apps That Cause Bluetooth Turns On

Of the several causes of bluetooth turning on itself is an application that does require bluetooth to be active in its operation. These applications include:

  • Share It
  • Share application (Share File) default from google.

Those are some applications that need to be considered if the bluetooth turns on by itself and can be marked if the battery is easy to drop. Please try.

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