August 17 Decorating Ideas For Unique Homes!

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Approaching the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, we will definitely feel the atmosphere and see the streets filled with red and white decorations. Decorations to celebrate August 17 were displayed in various places including banners and banners. To join in celebrating independence day, you can decorate your home with decorations with the nuances of August 17. Check out the ideas below!

Hanging flower decoration for August 17


How to prepare this decoration is also easy. You just have to prepare some red and white paper and red thread. Cut the paper into small rectangles each of the same size. Then, shape it to resemble a flower. You can hang this decoration on the door or wall.

Red and white honeycomb decoration


To add a unique impression, you can make a honeycomb-shaped decoration like the picture above. Don’t forget to use red and white paper to symbolize the Indonesian flag.

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This one decoration you must often use to celebrate someone’s birthday or other events. Well, you can also use balloons to celebrate the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. To reflect the colors of Indonesia, choose red and white balloons.

You can decorate your room by attaching the balloons. Alternatively, you can fill the balloon with helium to make it float.

August 17 decoration from second hand


If you have used items that are no longer useful, don’t throw them away. You can use it as a beautiful decoration like the picture above. The decoration only requires 3 main ingredients, namely, plastic cups, plastic spoons, and plastic pudding cups. Then you color it red and white and combine these ingredients into one. You can hang decorations on the walls of the house.

August 17 decorations from plastic bags


In addition to carrying the things you need, plastic crackle bags have other functions. You can use this plastic bag as a decoration to celebrate August 17th! You can also protect the environment by reducing plastic waste while getting unique decorations.

Flower stick decoration for August 17 17


You can make this beautiful flower using simple ingredients. You just need to prepare paper, cutter, and balloon sticks. You can also put this decoration in the living room to beautify the room.

Room decoration in red and white shades


So that the feel of independence is more pronounced, you can decorate your living room with red and white furniture. You can use curtains, sofa chairs, and red and white flower vases.

Red and white flag


The celebration of independence is certainly not complete with a red and white flag. You can easily make a red and white flag decoration with red and white paper and then put it on your door.

Those are some August 17 decorating ideas that you can choose from. Don’t forget to celebrate independence with some 17 August competitions which you can check out here.

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