Asos APK Money Generators, First Understand How It Works

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Asos APK Money Generators, First Understand How It Works

Flashtik – There are several sites that are now offering as the best moneymakers. One of which is Moneymaker asos APK, which is still hotly discussed. There have been many people who are interested in using this application, because it is new and has better potential.

As technology advances, making money is not only through physical work. Relaxing in your room while playing your cellphone can also make money. Even now, new applications continue to emerge that offer similar conveniences. One of them is Asos.

How to Download Asos

Some YouTubers have proven that they have succeeded in earning money by playing on this application. However, it is not yet clear whether ASOS is cheating or not, because it does not have permission from OJK and other financial institutions. For those of you who want to try, you can fill in the form provided then download the application.

How to Use Asos Money Generating APK

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When you already have ASOS, the next step is to register first. If you have successfully registered, then you can play on Asos moneymaker APK. There are several missions that must be completed to get the commission promised by the owner.

The way to play here is very easy, so you can quickly reach your desired commission amount. When you first play, there will be virtual money of IDR 600,000 given to join the VIP 1 class ( trainee). However previously you had to make a deposit of IDR 100,000 in order to play.

To increase the VIP level of Asos, it is mandatory to deposit a higher value. But if you object to the deposit, you can play for free by inviting lots of friends. Invite as many friends as possible, so that your initial deposit is sufficient for the predetermined value.

Commission Obtained From ASOS APK

The amount of commission earned depends on how high the level of the application is. For the trainee or VIP level 1, the profit you get is 0.55% of the deposit value. The higher the level you have, the more money you can collect. Starting from 0.60, 0.65 to 0.70% of your deposit.

That is the explanation regarding Asos moneymaker APK and how much commission you can get after completing the mission. Since the app isn’t official yet, it’s best if you don’t do a large number of to-ups.

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