Alimine or Alimin VIP Apk, Is it True Investment Company Owned by Alibaba?

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The trend of investing online is being heavily echoed after the internet has grown rapidly. One of the most talked about investments is Alimine or Alimin VIP APK. That said, this application is made by Alibaba Cloud Super Computing Co., Ltd. company.

Please read to the end if you want to know about Alimine VIP APK. Here’s how to register for those of you who want to invest in Alimin VIP APK.

How to Register on Alimine or Alimin VIP APK

How to Register on Alimine or Alimin VIP APK

How to register at Alimine is by filling out the registration form on the Alimine website. You need to know Alimine is not an application that must be downloaded from the playstore. Alimin can be opened from the browser.

How to register at Alimine:

  1. Type from your browser.
  2. Click registration. Then fill in the things requested in the form, such as username, phone number, and password.
  3. Then enter the verification code that will be sent, then click register.

After completing registration then you can make free investments and get a balance as your initial investment capital.

How to Use Alimine or Alimin VIP APK

How to Use Alimine or Alimin VIP APK

Alimine like any other money-making app has a more or less similar way of working. Alimine provides free investment for those who want to try or learn. This free investment allows you to get a balance of IDR 200,000 as initial capital.

Here’s how to use Alimine APK.

  1. Open the Alimine app. On the main page of the site there is an option ‘Earn Money’ to claim the bonus. This is to get a free investment balance of Rp. 200,000.
  2. Go to the ‘Mining’ menu.
  3. Then select ‘Invest All Mine’ as an option.
  4. Confirm first before continuing, whether it is in accordance with the wishes.
  5. Next select the investment amount.
  6. Then press the ‘Pay’ button.

Additional income can not only be obtained from investment, it can also be obtained from inviting friends to join.

Alimine can be used as a means of learning investment. But to invest properly, it needs further scrutiny.

Alimine apparently does not have a permit from the OJK. The news about his ties to Alibaba is also not proven. So it can be concluded that Alimine or Alimin VIP APK is vulnerable to fraud.

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