A good time for sunbathing is not in the morning, then when?

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Good time to sunbathe is currently one of the most popular questions, since the news about the benefits of sunlight that can prevent COVID 19.

Initially, people were advised to sunbathe in the morning in order to get optimal vitamin D intake. Meanwhile, sunlight at 12 noon is considered harmful to the skin and can trigger cancer. But it turned out to be just a myth.

Wow, so quite confusing huh? but take it easy because in this article we will discuss in depth the right time to sunbathe.

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When is the right time to sunbathe?

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To answer the questions above, let’s look at some answers from health experts at home and abroad

Overseas Health Specialist

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To get natural vitamin D, you can use UVB sunlight in your daily life. It doesn’t take long or wait for the skin to brown or sunburn which can be at risk of developing skin cancer.

In its application Bill Fleming recommends to sunbathe without sunscreen, about 5 to 15 minutes in a span of 4 to 6 times a week at 10:00 to 15:00.

But there are several factors that you should pay attention to first

Latitude / geographic location

First, the main purpose of sunbathing is to get the best UV rays. So make sure to understand that the division of the sun’s climate is also affected by the position of an area with respect to the sun

From this comes the conclusion that the right time for sunbathing according to the division of time in Indonesia WIB is from 10.00-11.00 to 14.00-15.00. Meanwhile, WITA at 09.00-10.00 is the best time to get UVB.

This information must be understood by the Indonesian people so as not to sunbathe carelessly or at the wrong time. Because the sun is also at risk can be detrimental to health.

Skin color

Differences in skin also determine the length of time a person must sunbathe, for example for those of you who have white skin it only takes about 5 to 10 minutes. In contrast to those with dark skin, it takes more time, which is 15 minutes.

UV exposure to certain drugs

The effect of topical drugs that are applied to the skin, it can cause a sensitivity reaction to the sun. This causes the body to become allergic or the skin becomes inflamed.


Entering old age, the body’s function in forming vitamin D begins to decrease. Therefore, it needs intake more vitamin D through food and dietary supplements. Meanwhile, sunbathing that is too long does not provide benefits that are proportional to the risk of burning.

Clothing color

To get enough vitamin D, it is recommended that the hands and feet are exposed to the sun, at least 1/3 of the body or skin. The color of the clothes used should also be lighter to increase the absorption of vitamin D. However, it would be better if you sunbathe without using layers of clothing that stick.

Face skin

Facial skin has a thinner layer so it will not produce as much vitamin D. To avoid spots on the skin, facial skin must be protected by using a hat).

skin type

The characteristics of human skin according to the Fitzpatrick scale are divided into several parts

skin type 1: Always sunburnt and doesn’t tan to brown

skin type 2: Always sunburn, then the skin becomes brown

skin type 3: Not too exposed to the sun but easy to brown

skin type 4: Not sunburned but easy to tanning.

skin type 5: Rarely gets sunburnt, but easily browns

Skin type 6: Sunburn occurs only at extreme UV doses

So it comes to the conclusion that a person’s sensitivity to sun exposure is very different. Depending on the condition of the skin, the color of the skin, the age of the clothes, and even the process of synthesizing vitamin D itself.

Also, try to identify yourself as best you can and avoid drugs that react to the sun or allergies if you don’t need to.

B. Domestic health experts

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Internal medicine specialist Jeffri Aloys Gunawan, Sp.PD, CH, CHt, said that there is a specific time to get optimal results, which is between 10 am to 1 pm based on the latest research in the medical world.

Not in the morning, because the sun that shines at noon at 12 noon is a good time for sunbathing, if you want to get optimal vitamin D and don’t cause cancer as the myth says.

The reason itself is because at that time the ultraviolet B (UV B) light wave was at the best level, which was 320 nanometers. The most ideal wavelength for body health ranges from 280 to 320 nanometers.

More than that, it is not recommended because it can increase the risk of skin cancer. So Jeffri advised to avoid the sun after 13.00.

Jeff advises sunbathing for 10 to 30 minutes when the sun is at its peak to get enough vitamin D. But it would be better to wear open clothes so that all parts of the skin are exposed to the sun evenly.

From the explanation above, it seems that it is not the best time to sunbathe, which also answers how long a good time to sunbathe is. Next we will give you the correct way to sunbathe

The right way to sunbathe

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  1. Looking for the best and most comfortable place. So that even if you use clothes, the sun can hit the skin directly. As an alternative, you can also use clothes that are not too closed to get optimal sun exposure.
  2. When sunbathing you can do various activities such as relaxing walks, reading books, sitting in open areas, doing gardening hobbies, sweeping the yard, washing vehicles and other activities.
  3. Don’t forget to drink enough water after spending a long time in the sun.
  4. Know yourself before deciding how long you want to sunbathe. because everyone has conditions and is in a different geographical location.
  5. Immediately rest or end sunbathing when the skin feels hot. Take a break or stop sunbathing if the skin starts to feel hot. This can happen because everyone has a variety of skin colors and types.
  6. Limit sunbathing time and apply these tips so you can get the maximum intake of vitamin D but it is safe for the skin

That’s the information we can provide, and make sure to find out when sunbathing is good for skin health, as well as being able to increase immunity or endurance.

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