8 Ways to Top Up Bullet Angel With 10 Payment Methods

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For those of you, Bullet Angel game players must have understood, to get cool weapons or other items needed, it is not always obtained for free. You need to pay by top up Bullet Angel.

This game, which is under the auspices of the XShot game developer, is already well known in Southeast Asia.

In the past, this game could only be enjoyed via PC. However, along with the development of smartphone games, finally we can enjoy this game through smart phones.

This game has the concept of FPS or first person shooter with interesting and classic elements. Make a lot of people so easily interested in playing it.

How to Top Up Bullet Angel

8 ways to top up angel bullet

Like most online games, not all weapons can be obtained for free. Moreover, weapons that have sophisticated technology. You have to do top first to have it.

Here’s how to top Bullet Angel:

  1. Visit the Bullet Angel official website via a browser or click on the following link: https://www.thebulletangel.com
  2. On the screen to the right of the top, there is a Purchase button, click it
  3. In the Others column, please click and select Indonesia
  4. In the Payment Methods section, please select the way you want to make a top up payment. There are many choices of payment methods to choose from here
  5. In the Player ID Verification column, please enter your player ID. Then press OK
  6. Scroll down until you find the diamond purchase menu that can be used to buy items or weapons. Choose the nominal you want.
  7. After everything is according to your wishes, at the bottom of the screen to the right, there is a Pay Now button. Click on it and wait a moment while the process is taking place
  8. If you have received a successful payment notification, please log in to your game. Check, whether your top up has been entered or not

Bullet Angel Top Up Payment Methods

Bullet Angel

On the official Bullet Angel website, to top up Bullet Angel, there are many payment methods provided by the developer. Of course this will make it very easy to make payments.

Noted, there are 10 payment methods that you can do. that is:

  • Via Alfamart
  • Bank Transfer
  • Fund
  • Go-Pay
  • Indosat
  • Just link
  • OVO
  • Shopeepay
  • Razer Gold Wallet
  • Razer Gold PIN

Apart from topping up Bullet Angel through the official website, you can also do it via Google Play.

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