8 Tips to Anticipate Floods You Need to Know

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Now it’s the rainy season here, and floods can come upon anyone. Come on, be ready for the flood! Anything hmm that you should know and pay attention to? Come on see 8 tips to anticipate flooding below!

Always Monitor the Latest Flood Information

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Monitoring the latest information about floods is something you must do when the rainy season comes. If you are traveling, news about where the flood points are located can help you to navigate the route you will take.

In this way, you can anticipate avoiding flood points or preventing your area from being flooded. You can also help share the information you have obtained with your family, friends and those around you. So that everyone can up-to-date with the latest news.

Place Valuables at a Higher Place

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Don’t let your valuables be submerged in water or washed away by flood currents. If you live in an apartment, park your vehicle on the higher floor of the parking lot.

parking area basement it could be submerged in flood water flowing from the entrance or exit of the parking lot. And also pay attention to valuables such as documents in your safe. A higher place like a cupboard is the right place.

Move to a Higher Place

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If there are signs that your area will be flooded, hurry to go to higher ground. If you don’t have time to go to a place where there is no flood, then go upstairs to your house.

This way, it will be safer and don’t forget to bring important necessities such as drinking water, food and your cellphone. Buy an inflatable boat in advance to anticipate flooding around your house. So, you can immediately evacuate and be in a safe area.

Beware of Drains

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You won’t be able to see the submerged drains when there is a flood. It would be very dangerous if there were open drains. Stay alert when walking in the middle of a flood. Or when driving vehicles such as cars, motorbikes and bicycles.

You or your vehicle could just enter and fall into the drain. You could be hurt. Therefore, be aware of where you are walking or passing by.

Avoid walking in heavy flood currents

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If the flood has hit, beware of the swift currents of water. Don’t get carried away because it will be very dangerous for you.

There will be a lot of debris carried by the floodwaters, such as rocks, iron, and other items that can cause injury. As much as possible, avoid going out when the roads are flooded.

Unplug the equipment connected to electricity

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One of the tips for anticipating floods is that when a flood hits, items that are connected to electricity should be removed immediately so as not to endanger you. Like the television in the living room, or your cellphone being charged.

Do not drive the car in flooded areas

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Do not drive the car in flooded areas. If your car breaks down it will be difficult to repair. And you can get stuck in the car when the road is jammed. Unlike a motorbike that can still overtake.

Prepare Emergency Equipment

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Before a flood occurs, you can prepare emergency equipment such as first aid kits, soap, radio, flashlight, and others. These items will be very useful in times of emergency.

Those are 8 tips for anticipating floods. Stay prepared and alert to the possibility of flooding, especially during the rainy season.

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