8 Flood Emergency Equipment You Must Prepare

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At the beginning of each year, rainfall in Indonesia is high. Several flood-prone areas must be alert because BMKG predicts extreme heavy rains. We never know when disaster will come. Therefore, you need to prepare some emergency equipment during a flood.

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Here are some product recommendations that can help you during floods:

Life Vest Emergency Equipment

emergency equipment when flooding life vest
Krisbow Life Vest

The height of the flood can be from ankle to knee, even up to an adult’s chest. It is important to have a life vest, especially if you cannot swim. This life vest can prevent you from sinking so that you can survive the disaster.


powerbank wireless charging
Power Bank Wireless Charging

If the flood is severe, then PLN will turn off electricity in several areas so that the water does not conduct electricity. We definitely want to know the situation of the people closest to us. Therefore, you need powerbank in order for the battery handphone not finished.

Powerbank it has technology wireless charging so that it can charge the battery handphone without the need for cables. Make sure powerbank you guys are fully loaded huh!

Bring Emergency Equipment with Duffle Bag

Carry Emergency Equipment with a Duffle Bag
Duffle Bag

If you have to evacuate to a higher place, then it is important to have duffle bag. In it, you can enter important documents, clothes, snacks, and medicines for those of you who have special diseases. Prepare all your needs so that when a disaster occurs, you can immediately carry the bag.

Drinking Water Bottles During Emergency Flood

drinking water bottles during flood emergency
Thermos 500 Ml

Everyone needs water to survive. During floods, it is difficult for us to get clean water because the water we drink is mixed with flood water. Therefore, we must prepare drinking bottles containing clean water so that our water intake is fulfilled.

This drinking bottle is made of stainless steel so that this thermos can withstand heat for up to 10 hours and cold temperatures for up to 24 hours. So you don’t need to worry because this bottle can maintain the temperature of the drink stably for a long time.

Genset as Emergency Equipment During Floods

Krisbow Gasoline Generator 2800 W

Deep floods can cause us not to leave the house for even days. Power outages can hamper our activities. Therefore, it is important to have a generator so that our house continues to have electricity even though it is flooded.

Emergency Light during Flood

Emergency lights when flooded
Kris Emergency Light 160 LED

Emergency light is essential to deal with blackout. This lamp can be a source of light at night. You can also adjust the lighting level of the lights because this lamp has dimmer so that the light can be adjusted as needed.

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag during flood emergency
Mountain Inn Blue Duralite Sleeping Bags

If you guys have to evacuate because of a flood, then sleeping bag you must have. Material from sleeping bag it is water and wind resistant so it can warm your body and make sleep more comfortable.


Nilfisk High Pressure Cleaner

For those of you who have a house in a low area, every time it rains, your house is prone to flooding. Moreover, if there is heavy rain, water can enter the house and pollute its contents.

Nilfisk High Pressure Cleaner this can help clean up your flood-affected house. This tool can also clean stains on walls so that it can remove flood marks on the walls of the house.

Those are 8 emergency equipment that you must prepare during a flood. You can buy these items directly through the Ruparupa.com website or through the application at smartphone. Come on, buy immediately and get attractive offers!

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