60s PW Apk site, explanation and how to use it to make money

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60s PW Apk is one of the new sites that can make money. Even better, it can be done from home and the time is also flexible. These sites can make money by just watching ads. Easy isn’t it? Want to know how it works! Read on for more.

How to Register 60s PW

60s PW Apk Site

In order to become a member of the 60s application, register directly through the official website. Click on the site link and it will enter the registration page. How to register the 60s application is very easy, just enter a phone number and enter a new password. Click the Register Now button.

How 60S PW Apk Works so You Can Make Money

When you first register in the 60s PW Apk, you will get a free balance of 364 thousand. However, the balance cannot be withdrawn, but the balance can be used to buy VIP 1.

After buying VIP 1 for free, continue with the first mission, which is to watch ads. Want to increase your membership level? Very well. Top up and get bigger profits.

No need to worry if you don’t understand how to use the balance from the 60s application for free. As the initial explanation that the first time you register you will get 364 thousand. Here’s a tutorial for using the balance so you don’t make a mistake.

  1. The first time you enter the 60s PW site and click on the VIP menu. Proceed to select VIP 1 and click.
  2. Continue by ticking the Use Free Money button and click Recharge Now.
  3. A mission will appear to watch an ad. Complete the mission and click the Home menu. Proceed by pressing the Free VIP1 button.
  4. Select the ad you want to watch, then click Watch, after the ad is finished, the balance will immediately enter.
  5. If you want to invite friends then click the Friend Group button. Click Invite Friends and share the link from the 60s application to various social media owned.

There are other ways to make extra money from 60s apps besides watching ads. That is by inviting friends to use the application. The more friends you invite to use the 60s application, the more you will earn extra money.

60s PW Apk is one of the newest money-making applications. So that there are still no complaints at all from each member. However, the application has not received official permission from the OJK. It is recommended to be more careful and play for free so as not to get scammed. May be useful.

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