6 Ways to Clean the Refrigerator to Be Clean & Hygienic

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The refrigerator is an electronic device that is useful for storing various foods, so it needs to be kept clean at all times. If you ask other reasons, then of course it is also related to health factors. However, unfortunately, many people do not know how to clean the refrigerator properly.

For that in the following we will provide the guidelines and tools needed to support this activity.

The fridge is always neat and clean

Practical Ways to Clean a Refrigerator

how to clean the refrigerator
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By following the methods below, Ruppers can get a clean and odorless refrigerator. To clean it we suggest making a schedule at least once a week or twice a month.

# Turn off the electricity channel

Actually this is only optional and not a requirement. The reason itself is because some coolers are equipped with high safety features and some are not. So it’s good to be careful, and if you want to get maximum security cutting off the electricity is the right choice.

# Removing Food Stock

The problem that often occurs why people are reluctant to clean the refrigerator is because food stocks accumulate, and create confusion. So try to completely remove the contents of the refrigerator. Be sure to discard food that is past its expiration date, or has an odor.

# Remove the Refrigerator Parts

Keep in mind that every electronic device has a different arrangement of parts. Related to this, of course, it depends on the type of cooler and the manufacturer. So before removing or touching the refrigerator area, be sure to know the product information thoroughly by reading the maintenance manual.

# Cleaning the Refrigerator Area

At this stage there are several differences in cleaning it, for example, the shelves and drawers that can be removed and then washed using soap. Unlike the middle part of the cooler which cannot be moved, it is enough to use a damp cloth or white vinegar. However, if found stubborn stains use tools such as a brush, or a sponge is the best way to clean it to its full potential.

# Drying Process

After going through the cleaning process, make sure to dry each part to its fullest. This looks simple but really needs to be considered because damp areas can cause germs that are not visible.

# Reorganize

After the five steps above have been carried out, it means that Ruppers is at the last stage, namely re-arranging the various food and drinks that exist. In this stage, pay attention to arrange according to the type. For example, vegetables and fruit in the lower drawer. While the meat is in the freezer. To arrange it according to your wishes, but with a note still paying attention to its tidiness.

Tips for Cleaning Stubborn Dirt

No need to worry if you find stains or crusts that won’t go away because there are several things you can do and choose according to the problem

A. Drawer or Rack

Soak the refrigerator in the detachable area, immerse it in hot water in a large container for 10-15 minutes. Wait until the crust softens or fades, then scrub with a sponge that has been dipped in soapy water. However, if the crust won’t disappear, use a toothbrush or brush of any kind to clean it.

B. Refrigerator door

If you pay close attention to the door, you often find annoying black stains. For the solution, use a damp cloth that has been given soap, and dry it completely.

C. Between Doors

Using a toothbrush is a good option, as it can reach hidden areas. Dip the brush in the soap or vinegar solution, and clean it again with a damp cloth, then dry it.

D. Wall Fridge

Often there is dirt left behind as a result of colored liquid or drying food. The solution remains the same, use a wet sponge or toothbrush. But before cleaning make sure to turn off the electric current.

Household Appliances Needed To Maximum Clean The Refrigerator

To clean the cooler, first prepare some equipment that can facilitate cleaning activities

Spray Bottle

Serves to place the cleaning liquid so that it can be spread evenly. The sprayers above can be obtained for only around 20,000 rupiah!


Generally used for cleaning dishes or cooking utensils. But it can also serve as a tool to remove stubborn stains on the refrigerator. This product is priced under 10,000 thousand rupiah.


Helps remove blemishes and scale maximally. Available in sets that can have many different functions. When it comes to the price itself, it is around 100,000 rupiah.

Microfiber wipe

Has a smooth texture that is good for drying various utensils. It comes in a variety of attractive colors and is priced at around 80,000 rupiah for one set.


Has many functions ranging from moving water, washing, and soaking. It is a must-have household appliance and can be obtained for around 30,000 thousand rupiah.

By knowing how to clean the refrigerator just now, it is hoped that it can help Ruppers when doing this routine more easily.

However, it turns out that knowing this information is not enough, because you need equipment that can support and quality the form that is made from selected materials.

So don’t hesitate to entrust all your needs to the Ruparupa platform which provides various household needs, cleaning tools, and tools that support hobbies and lifestyles.

Come on, join Ruppers now and have a pleasant shopping experience!

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