6 Types of Aesthetic Indoor Plants for Your Home

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Are you looking for a type of plant to bring the nuances of your home to life? Come on, consider the 6 types of plants indoor aesthetic below!

Aloe vera (aloe vera)

aloe vera indoor plant
Source: freeimageslive.co.uk

Apart from being a popular ingredient in skin care products, the aloe vera plant is also very easy to take care of even for beginners. Plant aloe vera in cactus soil and place it in a well lit area of ​​your home for best results.

Plant indoor it will still look beautiful in almost any type of pot and in any type of interior. The aloe vera plant is very flexible to fit in any room.


cactus indoor plant
Source: pixnio.com

If you are looking for plants indoor to beautify desert-themed interior with easy maintenance, cactus is the right option. Most cacti only need plenty of sunlight.

Throw water on the cactus when it’s dry (usually once a week) which is great if you tend to be forgetful. Try displaying your cactus plant with rocks or sand.

Fern Boston

boston indoor plants
Source: flickr.com

Boston fern is a popular and aesthetic type of fern. Caring for it is not difficult as it only requires regular daily watering to survive indoors. This Boston fern prefers moist, highly nutritious soil.

Boston fern also only needs bright light. So, you don’t have to put it in a place that is directly exposed to sunlight. Plant indoor it will look spectacular as a hanging plant, or even on an ordinary side table.

Chinese Water Bamboo

water bamboo indoor plants
Source: felixwong.com

Plant indoor it grows without the need for soil. You just place it in the water like a cut flower. You can even add decorative cobblestones or shells to match your home décor.

Make sure to change the water every few weeks. However, avoid treated tap water whenever possible. Or, you can transfer it to a well-drained potting mix for a more traditional appearance.

Monstera Deliciosa

monstera indoor plants
Source: flickr.com

Its leaves are with an unusual formation of holes and protrusions, earning it the nickname of the Swiss Cheese plant. Plant indoor These vines do well in bright (indirect) light.

Plant indoor These stunning large leaves make a great impression and add a warm tropical appeal to any interior in your home.

Ara Leaf Rebab

fig indoor plant
Source: piqsels.com

The fig leaf rebab is a tough tree that can grow up to 50 feet in its native tropical rainforest environment, but makes a lovely indoor tree for home decor purposes.

Plant indoor it grows best in bright (indirect) sunlight and water after the top of the soil dries up and the leaves become soft.

So, don’t worry if you never remember to water your plants. The fig tree can thrive without water for up to two weeks.

Well Ruppers, now you already know several types of plants indoor which is aesthetic. Plant indoor which aesthetic is suitable for decorating your home?

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