6 Tips for Clean and Glossy Floors All Day

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Clean floors are the dream of every home owner, which gives a comfortable and well-maintained impression. However, in cleaning activities that look simple, there are still many people who make mistakes. Especially if you know of various floor covering materials. So to solve the problems above, Rupers needs to know how to treat it properly

Types of floors & how to clean them

clean floors with quality products from Ruparupa
Cleaning tool

Each floor covering material has different types so it is necessary to know in detail what to do or avoid.

Wooden floor

wooden floor
Wooden floor

Having a wooden floor gives a natural and beautiful impression to the eye. However, when talking about maintenance, it will be different, the article is enough to clean it with a broom or vacuum cleaner that can lift small particle sized dirt.

However, if you want to use a dampened mop to remove stubborn stains, of course you are allowed, provided there is not too much water, and use a special cleaning fluid. As an alternative you can make floor cleaner homemade.

Floor Vinyl

Vinyl flooring
Vinyl flooring

Types of floor coatings that have entered into the category low maintenance, the reason is because it can be cleaned with a broom vacuum cleaner, to a wet mop. Even if you find scratches, use a small amount of bleach to fix them is not a problem.

But the thing to remember is don’t forget to rinse the floor with clean water again after being given soap or bleach. The use of this material is very popular because it can provide two functions at the same time, namely beauty and comfort.

Ceramic floor

Ceramic floor
Ceramic floor

Floor coverings are the easiest to clean, and can use any type of cleaning fluid. Currently, there are a variety of ceramic motifs and colors, which can be adjusted to the theme of the room. However, in general, people prefer neutral colors like white, cream, brown and black.

Stone Floor

Stone Floor
Stone Floor

Has natural beauty and is often the right choice for housing. For the cleaning process itself, just use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. After that, return to clean it with floor cleaning products. However, what you need to know is that this floor covering material is prone to stains, so it provides additional protection such as resin sealants.

Cork floor

Cork floor
Cork floor

One type of floor covering that is difficult to clean, the reason is that when you mop the floor you should not use excessive water, because too much water can make the floor lose its protective layer. Apart from that it is advisable to provide an extra layer like sealant acrylic or polyurethane in highly mobile rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Linoleum floor

Linoleum floor
Linoleum floor

Maybe familiar to some people because in the world of architecture it is used as a floor coating. Has a function to maintain cleanliness and avoid dirt. To clean this type of floor yourself is not difficult because it is enough with a vacuum or broom. If there are stubborn stains, you can rub lightly with a sponge dipped in floor cleaning solution.

Avoid This Mistake For Getting Clean Floor

As mentioned earlier, it was said that there are several mistakes that are often made when cleaning floors, and make them ineffective.

# Too Long Sticking Dirt

Sometimes because they are doing other activities, most people like to delay when they find out that food has been spilled, which is an understandable situation. But unfortunately it turns out that delaying actually makes dirt difficult to remove and makes the job even harder, duh!

# Using Dirty Cleaning Tools

After using the equipment repeatedly, of course, it must be cleaned periodically. Leaving it dirty and reusing it is a big mistake which is moving dirt from one place to another. This is what should be avoided.

# Cleaning From The Wrong Area

Cleaning also requires strategy, as working from anywhere will make this process longer or repetitive. For that, try to clean the dust from the top to the lowest place.

# Using the wrong cleaning fluid

Sometimes many people buy floor cleaning solutions, arguing that all products have the same function. But is that so? proven wrong choice, it makes the floor look dull or sticky. Some even end up damaging the floor covering they have, because of this Rappers need to know what content is in it, avoid harmful chemicals and instead use products that contain mild ingredients.

# Cleaning is not optimal

Some people just let it dry after mopping, without applying the polishing that is useful for making the floor shiny. So it is advisable to provide extra protection for the floor.

# Have a concept one for all

Want something fast and simple, make lots of people love one cleaning tool for all items, oops! Instead of getting cleaner this method just transfers germs from one place to another, even after cleaning. It’s a good idea to use different products in each area of ​​the house, and the types of objects to clean.

Must-have Cleaning Equipment Recommendations

The products below will help Ruppers to clean easily

3 In 1 Rotating Mop

Clean floors the easy way, just by using a multi-functional 3 In 1 rotating mop. Equipped with pedals, as well as a stick feature that can be adjusted and held easily. Find this product with a price range under 300,000 thousand rupiah only at Ruparupa.

Twister Compact Rotary Mop

It has ergonomic and anti-slip handles. Besides that, it can rotate automatically or work in an easy way, just insert the mop and press the handle down. This cleaning tool made of microfiber cloth is priced at around 400,000 rupiah.

Swivel Mop Set With Bucket

It comes with a bucket and a mop set, which makes cleaning the floor easy and fun. Equipped with microfiber material, as well as an ergonomic handle. Find this quality product only at ruparupa.com with a price range of 300,000 rupiah.

In addition to cleaning tools, we also provide various mops & accessories, dry mops, to various and quality household needs.

Now having a clean floor is no longer a dream because Ruppers can make it happen with the support of tools from Ruparupa, an e-commerce that has a one stop solution concept and a combination of trusted brands such as ACE, Infroma to Toys Kingdom.

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