6 Tips for Choosing a Beautiful Minimalist Dining Set

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Dinner moments with family will feel even more special when using a beautiful minimalist dining set. Even if you are living in a new house, this piece of furniture is a much needed one.

But of course, when making a selection, you need to think about the size and budget, as well as the conceptual aspect that extends to the material.

Generally, from the types of tables that exist, the minimalist dining set is the one that has the most fans because it is available in various sizes. In addition, the current model also adds to the aesthetics of the room.

To find the right one try to follow some of these tips

Tips for Choosing a Minimalist Dining Set

Lift guide to choose a dining table for occupancy

1. Choose the Right Table Size and Number of Chairs

What is quite important in choosing a dining set is the size of the tables and chairs. The reason itself is because it must be in accordance with the area of ​​the room, choose one that is not too big or small.

If it is too large, the arrangement of the space will be difficult and narrow, even affecting when cleaning or clearing the table. Meanwhile, if it is too narrow, the time to enjoy a meal will not feel comfortable.

So make sure to buy the right size of furniture and leave a distance of 60 cm to 100 cm between the table and the road so as not to interfere with mobility.

2. Select according to the number of family members

Not only the area of ​​the room but you also need to pay attention to the number of family members when choosing a dining table for the family.

Ideally, one person needs a length of about 30-50 cm with a width of 60-70 cm. You can make this benchmark a special consideration to choose the right product for the number of family members in the house.

But fortunately, nowadays there are many dining table sets that have come set with the number of seats. So that it will be even easier to adjust to the number of family members.

3. Select lAh Dining Set with Material according to the Interior

Material or materials are also an important point when choosing furniture, and one type of recommendation is solid wood without any mixture. Because this material will easily blend with any interior.

Solid wood itself is a piece of real wood which will be more textured as it ages. When this happens, you just have to sand the surface of the wood.

Another alternative if you want to create a natural interior, choose oak. But for a soft and comfortable impression, choose beach wood, white limba, and maple wood.

4. Select Based on Table Shape

Dining table sets are available in many shape choices ranging from round to rectangular.

Generally for those who have few family personnel, a round table is perfect. But for those of you who have many family members, a rectangular table is the right choice. While the most popular are the square ones with loads for 2 to 4 people.

There are also elliptical and oval shapes, which makes it suitable for those who have a large space. In addition, there are no sharp corners in the shape of an oval so it is safe if you have small children.

5. Choose Brief

When there are guests who come to our house, one of the things that we most want is a house in a tidy condition. If you are looking for space-saving furniture, choose a folding table that is easy to move around at any time. It’s not just the shape that will make it easier for us to tidy up.

But usually also complete with features to enlarge or reduce the table. So that when guests come and need more space, just save the dining table easily.

6. Check the Chair Shape

Even though it looks simple, paying attention to the shape of the chair is one way to find the best minimalist dining set. Is there a backrest or not, whether the chair is square or some other shape.

Because the atmosphere of the dining room can be affected by the beautiful height of the back of the chair. If you want an intimate and luxurious atmosphere, choose a chair that comes with a high back. Meanwhile, the low back fits in a simple and modern interior.

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Editor: Cindy Halida T.

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