6 Epic Treasure Redeem Codes, Claim Your Prize Now

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Gift code Epic Treasure is finally out. Code redeem Epic Treasure is now the target of its users. Because the prizes offered are in the form of exp, gold, new characters and many others.

There is not only one Epic Treasure redeem code. However, from what we were able to collect, there are six codes redeem. All of them have their own gifts that you are a pity if you ignore them.

As we know, Epic Treasure is an RPG game that relies on team strength. Idle Game This latest generation has a very light file size, when compared to online game Another RPG. Only 41 mb in size. So that it won’t interfere with storage on smartphone you.

Epic Treasure 2021 Redeem Code

6 Epic Treasure Redeem Codes, Claim Your Prize Now ||  Flashtik

Players Epic Treasure is not as big as the players of Free Fire and Mobile Legend. However, players games this also can not be said a little. There are more than 1 million users who join this game.

If you play, choose partner the right one will lead to many victories. Developing the right strategy will bring its own pleasure.

In addition to attractive visuals, in games this also has hero which is interesting. No less epic when compared to other games.

As for the code list redeem Epic Treasure, including:

  1. SEXYFOXY010: this code will give you 500 diamond, 5500 transform potion, 10 arena tickets, 3 east blue and 10 chips
  2. SYRUPVILLAGE30K: this code can give you 1500 diamond. 10 chips. 2000 hero promotion stone. 50 great pirate shard. 10 east blue chest. This code is only valid until 6 June 2021
  3. SANJINW20K: This code contains 2000 diamond, X2 for 72 hours of purchase chest, 72 hours hero EXP chest, 10 superchip, and 2000 hero promotion stone. This code can no longer be used on May 28, 2021
  4. FREESUMMON: this code gives 5 Gallon of Bears and some other interesting items
  5. EPICTREASURE and LEGENDARY: giving gifts in the form of reward permanent and no code redemption expiration

How to Redeem Epic Treasure Redeem Codes

Epic Treasure - One Piece Gameplay (Android / IOS) - YouTube

After you know the code redeem above, it’s time to make an exchange.

As for the steps for exchanging the code redeem Epic Treasure, namely:

  1. Log in to the game Epic Treasure
  2. Press the Cool Event button
  3. On the Cool Event menu, please select Exchange Gifts, then click
  4. Enter the code redeem that you have got, then click Redeem
  5. Done

To see the reward from code redemption redeem Epic Treasure, please open the Mail Box on games. good luck

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