5 Ways to Get The Shadow Red Bundle FF at the Titan Dice Event

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The Shadow Red Bundle FF

Flashtik – From time to time, Free Fire always adds excitement and fun to playing for its players. One of them is by presenting The Shadow Red Bundle FF which you can use from beginning to end of the game.

For those of you who like to collect various bundles to support the game, don’t miss this The Shadow Red Bundle FF.

Actually, this bundle has been released in the previous version of the Free Fire application. Some of you may still remember this. However, a few moments later the bundle disappeared. Until finally, in the last game update, it was raised again in an event.

How to Get The Shadow Red Bundle FF

Easy Way of Shadow / Shadow Free Fire on FF!  |  My esports

For information only, The Shadow Red bundle is not available for regular items. However, you need to take part in an event to win it.

There is an event to get this bundle called Titan Dice.

Actually, when you play in the Titan Dice event, the main prize is a new weapon skin. Namely a skin with the name M1014 Attack On Titan. However, apart from the main prize, there were many other prizes scattered about. One of them, yes, this The Shadow Red bundle.

The list of prizes that you can get when you participate in Titan Dice, including:

  • The Shadow Red Bundle
  • M1014 Attack On Titan as the main prize
  • P90 Attack On Titan
  • Graceful Besat Bundle
  • Incubator voucher
  • Scar Cupid Weapon Loot Crate
  • Swallowtail Weapon Loot Crate
  • Loot Crate M1014 Underground Howl

To take part in this event and aim for all the prizes in it, you can enter Titan Dice starting March 30, 2021. This event doesn’t last long. Only until April 5, 2021.

How to Get The Shadow Red Bundle FF

For those of you who are so curious about getting this cool bundle, let’s see how to get it. Here are the steps:

  • Login to the Free Fire game and enter the news menu. Then click M1014 Attack On Titan
  • Visit the Titan Dice Event
  • After being at the event, you will be asked to make a choice of rolling the dice. Press 1 for a chance to roll the dice once or five times at a time. For this Titan Dice, you will be asked to remove the diamonds you have. For 1 round, 20 diamonds will be issued. As for 5 rounds, it will cost 80 diamonds.
  • If you want to get The Shadow Red bundle, all you need to do is collect 3 treasure chest tokens.
  • If you have got 3 treasure chest tokens, just redeem at the shop to get tokens. Well, this token will bring you to own The Shadow Red Bundle.

Those are the stages in getting The Shadow Red Bundle FF. Try immediately before the event ends if you really want to.

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