5 Unique Eid Hampers for the month of Ramadan

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If you want to celebrate Eid in style, then you have to look for the best unique items for Eid. Below you can find 5 unique Eid hampers for your Eid celebration that you can give to your family and friends and give them the best memories for Eid this year. Everyone you need to provide with something special.

The month of Ramadan is and is an important ceremonial activity for the Islamic calendar. It is based on the lunar cycle. It is celebrated by Islam as part of their religious ceremony. You can exchange gifts to commemorate the event. Just like other important religious ceremonies.

Health Hampers

Health is the most important thing to maintain. Now it’s still the era of the corona virus. Anyone can be exposed anytime and anywhere if they are not careful and do not comply with health protocols. And on this Eid 2021, send health hampers to your loved ones. As much as possible, don’t gather and visit here when Eid arrives because it is still too dangerous.

hampers eid
Yuwell Parcel Health & Hygiene

With this hampers, the need to control and keep yourself hygienic in today’s pandemic has become easier. Hampers contain an infrared thermometer which they can use to control the temperature independently, hand sanitizer, UV disinfectant lamp, wireless charger with UV sterilizer, and kitchen cloth. In addition, there are also decorative decorations such as artificial flowers. Also equipped with a sweetener tape makes this hampers suitable for you to give as hampers to share with those closest to you.

Hampers Golden Raya

The month of Ramadan is very identical with green and gold colors. Gold is a very elegant and luxurious color. And at the time of breaking the fast it will be very meaningful if togetherness is accompanied by the colors of the month of Ramadan. Moreover, there will be many meals after the fasting month ends to celebrate family togetherness in their respective homes.

hampers eid
Parcel Golden Raya

With golden nuances that give a luxurious impression to hampers that you will give during Eid. The contents of the parcel set consist of cups, trays, table lamps with golden shades, artificial plants, parcel baskets, ribbons, and plastic parcel wrapping. With an elegant gold theme, it is suitable for you to make a memorable gift when you send the hampers to your family or friends.

Kitchen Appliances Hampers

For your aunt or mother or younger sister, hampers of this kitchen utensil will be perfect for you to give during Eid. With its subtle mint green color, it will give their kitchens a more Ramadan feel.

hampers eid
Krischef Parcel Mintz Elegance

There are many kitchen utensils included in this hampers. The contents of hampers include steamer pot, saucepan pan, teapot, kitchen spice holder, kitchen towel, parcel basket, ribbon, and plastic parcel. Each kitchen utensil is made of quality materials so it is very durable and suitable for long-term use. Enough with this one hampers all the kitchen needs of your loved ones can be fulfilled. It would be very suitable to be given to loved ones on Eid.

Coffee Lovers Hampers

Coffee is very trendy these days. And a lot of coffee lovers spread all over the world. During Eid, it is very suitable to provide parcels with a coffee maker and cups. Especially for sahur and iftar later.

Krishome Parcel Coffee Corner

Hampers coffee corner is equipped with coffee utensils and decorative decorations. The contents of this hampers set consist of a coffee maker, cups, corner shelves, wall hangings, artificial flowers with additional ribbons and plastic parcels. It is also equipped with a sweetener ribbon which makes this hampers suitable to be given to coffee lovers or to those closest to you.

Automotive Hampers

For uncles, fathers, brothers and sisters, this automotive hampers will be very suitable to be given in the month of Eid. Because ordinary men have a hobby with motoring, give hampers that contain a variety of complete equipment to continue to support their hobby.

Coido Parcel Clean Essential

This automotive hampers consists of 1 practical vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaning fluid, clothes, cars, microfiber cloth with good absorption, glass cleaner, waterspot remover, and plastic tool box for storing various household appliances.

Well Ruppers, now you already know 5 unique Eid hampers for you to give this Ramadan to the people closest to you. Which unique Eid hampers are suitable for you to give to your family, relatives and close friends?

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