5 Tips for Choosing the Right Sleep Light Bulb

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The presence of a sleep light bulb in the room can make the resting atmosphere calmer and more comfortable.

But even though it looks like a simple thing, you still have to be careful in choosing this type of lighting. The reason itself is because the wrong product will make the atmosphere in the room less conducive and difficult to rest.

Currently, there are many different types of light sleepers on the market. Starting from the unique design, the brightness level to the various color choices, to the placement of different sleep lights. Because of this factor, you must be careful and careful in choosing the right lamp.

Tips for Choosing a Quality Sleep Light Bulb

For those of you who are still confused about choosing a sleep light bulb, here are some tips from us

1. Choose the shape of a sleep lamp that suits the interior appearance

Before deciding to buy a sleep light bulb, it’s a good idea if you first have to adjust to the appearance of the existing interior design. Because the selection of the type and shape of the lamp will present a different impression.

In addition, choosing the type of lamp that matches the appearance of the interior design in the room will be able to make you more comfortable in the room and not even get bored quickly.

2. Pay attention to the lumens of lamp light

The next tip that shouldn’t be forgotten when buying a light bulb is to choose the right lumen size. The right choice here refers to the lighting needs of the room you have.

For example, for the bedroom, you should choose a type of lamp with a lumen level that is not too high, considering that the main function of the bedroom is to rest. Avoid choosing lights that are too bright because it can interfere with resting activities throughout the night.

3. Pay attention to the resulting light color

In addition to the brightness of your sleep light bulb, another equally important tip is to choose the right light color. When talking about LED type bedroom lights, in general there are three colors available, namely cool daylight, cool white, and also warm white.

For the needs of the bedroom, lamps of the type warm white or yellow to be a suitable type of lighting. By choosing this type of color that tends to be shady, it is very appropriate when used in rooms that require warm lighting, such as in the bedroom or dining room.

4. Choose a lamp that has a light setting

There are many activities you can do in the bedroom such as studying, reading, and watching tv. If you are such a person, there is nothing wrong with choosing a sleep light bulb that has a light level control feature.

In this way you can adjust the light description according to your needs. If you are going to sleep, you can dim the lights slowly or turn them off.

5. Pay attention to the light product safety factor

Another factor that must be present when it comes to buying a light bulb sleeper is the factor safety or security. Security matters become very important because it really functions to minimize negative things in the future.

There are several features safety which is usually contained by the lamp. Starting from those that can turn off automatically when they fall, some also have a function temperature control which prevents the bulb’s temperature from rising significantly. These functions aim to reduce the risk of fire due to damage or other causes.

From the tips just now, it is very obvious not that there are many factors that make you unable to carelessly choose lighting, because it will affect the level of security and comfort of a room

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