5 Tips for Choosing Modern Bathroom Curtains

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Maybe you are wondering, what is the importance of using bathroom curtains? After all, you’re both in the bathroom and what’s the “cover” in there? Curtains are used for bathrooms that have shower or bath-up. Its main function is so that the water used during the shower does not wet the entire bathroom floor.

Some people feel uncomfortable when the entire bathroom floor is wet, which is why these curtains will come in very handy. Besides that, the presence of curtains will also make you get more privacy. The decoration function can also be obtained by installing curtains in your home.

Before you decide to install curtains for your home, you should first consider tips for choosing curtains with a model that will not be out of date. Your bathroom is sure to look beautiful and always modern. Come on, read this article to the end!

5 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Curtains

1. Choosing Bathroom Curtains Material

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It is important for you to be careful in seeing the curtain material that will be used to beautify your bathroom. For curtains, there are several types of materials that are often used, including vinyl, combination cotton, polyester, cotton to plastic. Each has its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages.

The leak that we can provide is that the most used curtain materials are vinyl and plastic. This is related to the large variety of both colors and motifs offered from vinyl and plastic curtains. Besides that, the maintenance for this curtain material is quite easy.

2. Choosing a Curtain Rod

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Apart from the material of the curtains, another important thing to pay attention to is the choice of curtain rod material. Of course you don’t want your curtain rod to rust easily and can’t be used because it’s often exposed to water every day.

The most commonly used curtain rod materials are stainless steel and PVC. Stainless steel is considered to be stronger and more durable, and has been coated with an anti-rust coating. While PVC is widely chosen because of its cheaper price, it has several drawbacks such as being easily broken and damaged.

3. Choosing Durable Curtains

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The next tip is to choose curtains that have thick material so they are not easily torn and damaged. Surely you want curtains that are not only used once or twice, right? Curtains that are durable will certainly reduce your expenses for repair and replacement of new products.

4. Take Measurements of Curtains

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This includes things that are important to do, make sure you take measurements in advance of your bathroom and where the curtains will be installed. Miscalculations and mistakes in choosing the size of the curtains will certainly disturb or even damage the decorations that you have imagined and planned.

5. Choosing Customized Colors and Patterns

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The fifth tip in choosing curtains is to adjust the color and motif of the curtains with the nuances you stretch out from the bathroom. You can mix and match the colors and patterns of the curtains with the paint colors in the bathroom or the tiles that are installed on the floor of your bathroom. This is what will make your bathroom even more charming and will certainly make you not get bored lingering in it.

Those are 5 tips for choosing curtains with a model that will not be out of date. Your bathroom is sure to look beautiful and always modern. You can find all kinds of curtains at Ruparupa.com.

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So many articles about 5 tips for choosing a bathroom curtain with a model that will not be out of date. Hopefully the article was useful and gave you inspiration regarding the selection of curtains. Congratulations on choosing the right curtains for the bathroom in your home!

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