5 most handsome characters in FF, who is your favorite?

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In Fee Fire game there are many characters that spoil the eyes of the players. You can find the most handsome characters in FF as well as the prettiest character who became the idol of the players. Not infrequently the reason they play is because there is a favorite character.

You are curious about who is the most handsome character inside battle royal game the? Listen to the discussion this time. We will list and peel off the various characters.

Most Handsome Character

5 most handsome characters in FF, who is your favorite?

The character choices of the players will certainly vary according to their personal tastes. Para player have a favorite type of character to represent themselves in battle. Some use figures with handsome faces or even those who look beautiful.

List of Handsome Characters in FF

Actually, there are many most handsome characters in FF who appeared handsome. Here is a list of characters who are famous for their handsome faces and assertiveness.


Here is the Complete Discussion of the Hayato Free Fire Character, the Modern Samurai!  |  Dunia Games

Hayati is a popular character who feels deep games this and most often played. He is getting more and more popular in the eyes of the fans because of skill lethal that he has. It’s like that his face is also very handsome.


Upcoming Free Fire character Wolfrahh and his ability unveiled |  Dot Esports

Steamer This one has a unique skill so it is often chosen by the players. Besides having his own greatness, his face is attractive. Coupled with the style that is always visible stylish.


Free Fire Officially Announces Skyler's New Character!  |  SPIN

Skyler is a character who became a collaboration of famous Vietnamese artists and Free Fire game. From his real face, it can be seen that Skyler has the characteristic of a handsome face. He is also included in the top five great characters of Free Fire.


Complete Profile and Guide for Jota Free Fire, the Pride of Indonesian FF Characters!  |  Dunia Games

Para player It is well known that Jota’s character is similar to actor Joe Taslim. Jota himself was here thanks to the cooperation between Free Fire and Joe Taslim. Jota is a character of pride player Indonesia.


Getting to know Miguel, commander of the Special Forces and Paloma's childhood friend

Despite having a scar on his face, Miguel is still recognized as the most handsome character compared to the others. His face looks so handsome and has charisma and dignity. Besides that, it also has unique skills that only it has.

This is a list of 5 most hanging characters in FF and most often played. Who do you think is the most handsome and your favorite right now?

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