5 Inventive Under-Stair Shelving Ideas

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If your house tends to be small, every square inch is very important for you to take into account. From a small bedroom to a narrow hallway and even a small bathroom. It also means you have to get very creative with your storage options. Come on, check out 5 inventive bottom shelf ideas!

shelf under the stairs
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If there is space available under your stairs, there are many things you can do with it. Such as reducing storage problems or creating additional seating. Don’t let the space under your stairs be neglected again.

Decorative Plant Shelf

If you have a few low-light houseplants, you can make a nice little corner for them right under your stairs.

Start by installing shelves in the empty room and decorating them with decorative plants to your liking. This will bring a cool and fresh atmosphere into your home and be able to maximize the space under your stairs beautifully.


shelf under the stairs
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This is another idea when you install shelves under your stairs. You can design a bookshelf as your impressive little library under the stairs. This will add to the design of your home to be more unique and complex in a nice way.

The end result will make your room very stylish with small decorative items mixed in. If you have some special books for you, this is a fantastic way to give them a spotlight.

Display Object Shelf

shelf under the stairs
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If you like a place where you can showcase decorative items you like, but you are short on space, take a look at the space under those stairs.

Put up a few shelves and show off your favorite display decorations. You can also play with the shelf colors to match the display objects you want to put on.

Wine Rack

shelf under the stairs
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If you like drinking wine at a particular event you host at your house, then do this. Build wooden shelves for you to organize and display your precious wines.

So, guests who come can see your wine collection, and it is also very practical for you to choose which wine is suitable for that particular occasion. It will also beautify your room because of its vintage feel.

Shoe rack

shelf under the stairs
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You can build a shelf that fits the size of the space under your stairs and install it for your shoe rack. This will come in handy whenever you want to go out of the house to go, you just need to pick up your shoes efficiently and quickly.

You can also use a clear glass shelf to display your favorite shoes which may have special prices. So, you can simultaneously display and make it while you pick it up and wear it when you want to go out for a walk.

Well Ruppers, now you already know 5 bottom shelf ideas to maximize the space under the stairs and beautify your home. Are you interested in making your own?

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