5 Decorative and Functional Mini Aquarium Lights

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One of the mandatory equipment when you want to keep ornamental fish is a mini aquarium light. If you ask the reason, then let us give a little information about the importance of this lighting.

Aquarium light function

Mini aquarium light
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First, light serves to make fish scales better during growth, in contrast to animals that are not exposed to light at all.

Next, with sufficient lighting, will make akuriuam appearance more attractive and beautiful. However, be careful not to power it on for 24 hours or use excessive watts.

In addition to animals, this lighting also helps the photosynthesis process in aquatic plants which functions as decoration. As a guide, use the lamp for 12 hours a day to optimize the photosynthesis process.

From the explanation just now, it seems that there are not many functions that you can get by adding lighting to your pet’s residence.

However, pay close attention to still limit its use so as not to make the water hot, or blinding.

In order to get the right one, pay attention to the size of the fish house, and read the recommendations for mini aquarium lights that are suitable for you.

Mini Aquarium Light Recommendation

The following are lighting products that you can consider

Boyu Aquarium Lamp Led Ld-B 7w

The presence of this aquarium light will provide additional beautiful light, and make the fish and plants look more attractive.

Boyu Aquarium Led Light Cb-50 – Black

Has a function as a decoration and brings out bright colors to the maximum in the aquarium, and even helps plants to photosynthesize.

Boyu Led Aquarium Light Cl-418 3.5 W

Lighting made of quality aluminum, strong and heat resistant. This lamp is a white LED lamp which has dimensions of 28 x 6 x 4 cm.

Fishland Aquarium Light Super Slim LED Clamping 3.2W

Next is the Fishland Aquarium Lamp Super Slim LED Clamping 3.2 W. Perfect for lighting up a fish house that is classified as a nano type.

It is in the category of sufficient and energy efficient lighting. Another advantage of the Fishland Aquarium Lamp Super Slim LED Clamping 3.2W is that it has a dual-light mode so it can be used during the day (day light) and night (moonlight).

Arcadia Sumersible LED Aquarium Light

The next recommendation is the Sumersible LED Aquarium Light Arcadia. Products are here to create beautiful lighting and add a decorative element to the aquarium.

Included in the type of spotlight that has a white light and has a lighting angle of 12 degrees. Can function both for freshwater aquariums and sea water aquariums.

Those were some recommendations for mini aquarium lights that you can use as a reference and you can get all of these products at ruparupa.com.

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In addition, the goods sold at Ruparupa are very diverse and varied both in terms of models and prices so that they can adjust to their needs and budget that you have prepared.

Hopefully the information is useful and hopefully you can get a mini aquarium light that suits you!

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