5 Beautiful Korean House Designs You Can Follow

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In recent years, Korean drama culture has broadened the stage. Television series, especially those that highlight chefs, their cooking, and their romantic endeavors, have become increasingly popular. Because it has a lot to offer gastronomically, this culture also has a lot to give through creativity in living spaces.

Below are 5 beautiful minimalist Korean house designs. There is the use of natural materials, elegant juxtaposed with an Asian touch. A common feature is the presence of sunlight in the main areas of the house. There is a garden, a small open space, large windows and sliding glass doors that allow natural light in. Come on, keep reading this article!

House Design with Wood and Brick

House design
Source: urbangreendesignltd.com

This type of modern house is very popular in Korea. It manages to utilize various elements and styles to create an aesthetic architectural marvel. Smooth textures and clean wood lines are reminiscent of urban dwellings.

While the rough and uneven brick pattern reminds us of a traditional suburban house. An almost unexpected fusion of the two come together to build a favorite contemporary design for your Korean home design.

Two Color House Design

House design
Source: kasania.com

The two-tone house will have a slightly more modern and more Asian touch. The house is divided into many areas with the use of neutral tones that unite them. You can make the dominant color an elegant combination of black and white, while the beige and gray accents are the main attraction.

House on the Hill

Source: pxhere.com

This house is suitable for hilly terrain and the weather in Bandung and Puncak, which is cooler. The fireplace has a long chimney that reaches the roof, ensuring the warmth of the occupants at all times. If you wake up on a hill, the aesthetic mix of white walls, natural wood and stained glass makes for a stylish yet understated residence.

Big house

The big house is perfect for a large family. The compartmentalized artistic areas allow for privacy and individual indoor design. The use of beige paint will brighten the overall atmosphere, while the minimal use of wood and brick projects an inviting atmosphere.

The entire structure shows lower living quarters alternating with higher living spaces. This idea is suitable for large families, especially in Asia, where members sometimes live together. The elegant and minimal contrast of beige and dark gray will be made more welcoming by a warm glow and a touch of green. The interior is decorated with natural wood, creating a more relaxed feel.

L Shaped House Design

The simple architecture of the L-shaped house will reflect the need for peace and relaxation. The design is often seen in the mountainous regions of Korea, an oasis of calm serenity. For in Indonesia, it will be very suitable for houses in the mountains such as Bandung and Puncak.

The classic look, created by the combination of a sleek gray roof and white walls, gives an Asian touch through the use of antique wood for the doors and windows. From a slightly higher part, covered by a wooden terrace, you will see an amazing view. Enjoy this view especially in the morning and evening, when there is cross ventilation from all sides.

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