4 Ways to Partition a Hard Drive on a Laptop Easiest and Anti Hassle

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For ordinary people, they certainly feel unfamiliar with the term partition. In fact, partitions are a way in which a person divides things to make them look more neat and organized. This is usually used in the computer world, especially hard drives. If you don’t know how how to partition the hard disk that is true, try to pay attention to the following reviews well.

How to Shrink Hard Drive

This time, the method will be taught about internal and external hard drives. For that, the first step that must be done is to type “Disk Management” which is located in the Windows search field. Wait for the laptop to bring up the screen, then click or press the Enter key on the keyboard on “Create and format hard disk partitions”.

When this menu is opened, the Disk Management menu will automatically appear and please select which drive to tidy up. But before that, it’s good if you understand some of the features found in Disk Management. Such as Shrink Volume, which functions to shrink the partition size. Then New Simple Volume, to create a new partition.

Extend Volume, which functions to increase the size of the partition. Finally, Delete Volume which is used to delete partitions. If all these terms are understood, now is the time for you to practice how to partition the hard disk, especially Shrink directly. On the Disk Management menu, please select which drive to reduce its size to.

Once selected, right click and select Shrink Volume. Wait for the process until the Shrink menu appears, then enter the amount of capacity taken from the original drive. For example, 10000 MB or 10 GB. Then select Shrink and wait for the process to be successful. If it is correct, a black disc will appear called “Unallocated”.

How to Create a New Hard Drive Partition

Next is to create a new partition that has appeared in the previous method. First of all right click on “Unallocated”, then select the “New Simple Volume” menu. On this menu, please click Next and click Next again in “Specify Volume Size”. When assigned the following letter, you can leave it alone. Because this menu is just a partition sequence based on letters.

The next way to partition the hard drive is by clicking Next on the assign following letter menu. Then in the partition format, let it go again, give a name to the Volume label as you wish. After that, press the Next button again. Finally, please click “Finish” and wait until the hard disk formatting process is complete.

How to Delete a Hard Drive Partition

Before deleting partitions, it would be best if you back up all the data on the hard drive. This is so that all the data contained in it is not deleted. In this way, you can right-click on the Disk Management menu and select “Delete Volume” in the selected partition. Once deleted, the free space will become an Unallocated Disk just like before.

How to Add Hard Disk Partitions

If you want to add a disk partition, make sure that Unallocated space is available to add a new disk. Right-click on the disk you want to add and select “Extend Volume”. In the Extend Volume Wizard, please click Next and the empty space will automatically be detected then click Next. Click “Finish” and wait for the process to complete as a way to partition the last hard drive.

Some of the methods mentioned above are very useful for beginners without the need for additional applications. Of course, this method can be applied to various versions of Windows, namely 7, 8, or 10. This way, you can change the disk according to your wishes or needs thanks to the methods previously described.

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