3 Ways to Deposit Hotbit Quickly, Easily and Safely

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One application that provides buying and selling crypto assets is Hotbit. This application is actually widely known to crypto players around the world. So that many learn how this application works, as well as how to deposit Hotbit.

If you are new to cryptocurrency and Hotbit, you might be confused when making a deposit.

For this reason, on this occasion, we will explain step by step how to make a deposit on Hotbit.

How to Deposit Hotbit Easily

3 Ways to Deposit Hotbit Quickly, Easily and Safely

Please note, when you make a Hotbit deposit, the amount of the incoming funds will be changed to USDT. Later, you can use USDT to purchase crypto assets on Hotbit.

However, to make a deposit, you still need a crypto wallet. It’s not that different on Binance, Indodax and Tokocrypto.

The way to make a deposit is actually easy. You just have to take the USDT you have on Binance, Tokocrypto or Indodax, this collection will be addressed to USDT Hotbit. So that your USDT will go directly to your Hotbit account.

How to Deposit Hotbit From Binance

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In fact, making a deposit via Binance is not that different if you are doing it via Tokocrypto.

The filling steps are as follows:

  1. Log in to the Hotbit application at https://bit.ly/33usyZF
  2. Select the Market menu, then USDT
  3. Click the Deposit button, then confirm the notification pop up.
  4. Select the USDT Hotbit network and copy the provided link address.
  5. Then, you have to enter the Binance app and head to the Wallet menu. On the Spot menu, click
  6. Select the USDT menu again and click the withdrawal button. Paste your Hotbit address link in the column provided
  7. On the options menu, please select the Hotbit network. Fill in the required withdrawal amount
  8. On the Withdraw button, click, to withdraw your USDT
  9. Done. Just check your Hotbit application to adjust the nominal

How to Deposit Hotbit via Indodax

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If you have a crypto wallet from Indodax, to make a deposit, here are the steps:

  1. Login to the Indodax application, click on the Market button, then select USDT
  2. On the USDT Deposit / Withdraw button, then tap Send USDT
  3. Check the desired network, namely the ERC 20 or TRC 20 column
  4. Then enter the Hotbit application. On USDT in the wallet, press the Deposit button
  5. Select the appropriate network that you choose on Indodax, then copy the existing address
  6. Back to Indodax. Fill in according to the USDT amount that you want to withdraw for the Hotbit deposit
  7. In the address column, paste the address that you copied earlier
  8. fill in Ping Google Auth that you have, then send
  9. Wait a few moments until the process is complete

That’s how to deposit Hotbit via Indodax and Binance. I hope this helps

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